ruffled sailboat skirt or pants

A week or two ago I had a little brainstorm one morning and dropped into the Oliver + S discussion forums to ask if anyone wanted to give it a try. In fact, several people expressed an interest. Here is the original idea, roughly explained:

And here are the results. First, from Karmela G:

and from Jeanne Po (with further details here):

They both turned out so cute, and with so little explanation on my part! Anyone else care to try? Or to share an embellishment idea for one of the patterns?




  1. That is just darling! I love the ruffle detail.

  2. Hi Liesl!
    I made these flannel pjs last year. I cut the woven gingham flannel on the bias and gathered it. My strips were 3 inches wide and about one and one half times the length of the front edge and cuff.

  3. I made a Playdate dress and added some pleats to the yoke – it turned out pretty well, I think!!

  4. Martha, that’s very cute! I’ve been wanting to replace the neckband on the PJs with a ruffle that stands up. I think it would require adding a narrow bias facing to finish the inside edge of the ruffle. This is a very elegant solution to using the ruffle as trim instead. Nice work!

  5. I love this ruffle detail(and the mattress ticking skirt). I made my daughter a pair of the sailboat pants ( and loved how they turned out. The next pair will definitely have ruffles!

    Thanks for sharing

  6. I’ve actually thought of adding a tiny, tiny ruffle along the placket of the Music Class blouse – or maybe a little piping or ric rac. I’m a bit behind with sewing (among other things) as the business has grown a bit the last couple of months but I’m nearly at that step in the sewing of SweetPea’s blouse. I may play with it and see if looks good contrasting the pintucks.

  7. lorr

    I’ve thought several times about adding a little ruffle around the placket on the Jump Rope dress. I’ve seen many ready-to-wear dresses with this detail.

  8. Krystal

    Planning on adding a 2 inch tulle ruffle to the bottom of the jump rope dress, view A. Saw a Liberty for Target dress with this detail and thought it would be perfect on the jump rope dress!

  9. What a great idea! And looks like a little supermodel in training.

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