Strange cargo at Kennedy Airport: New York Times

Owner of CityCraft in Dallas named one of America’s coolest young entrepreneurs (congratulations, Callie!): Inc.

A great video prank using two sets of identical twins: YouTube

You’ve got to have a very sound sleeping infant to pull off wonderful photos like these: Mila’s Daydreams


Links to all the posts done during the Ice Cream Social: BadSkirt

The case for $320,000 kindergarten teachers: New York Times

Googly-eye buildings: Build Blog

How to move a 242 ton sculpture across a continent: Moving Serra

And, finally, what you’ve all been waiting for. The next big thing in sewing is…: The Selfish Seamstress




  1. Thanks, Todd!

  2. Those baby pictures are so cute but I am not anywhere near that brave to toy with nap time like that.

  3. Love it !
    On a recent photo shoot to get a photo of our baby asleep in an award winning fleece our marriage was put to the test ! It took several hours , by the time she finally stayed asleep when her dummy was pulled out ,we were exhausted and ready to join her ! ( Photo’s looked amazing though !)

  4. Sarvi

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