introducing the hopscotch skirt sewing pattern

You’re going to ask for this pattern in adult sizes, I already know.

The skirt half of the Hopscotch pattern (I’ll publish a post next week on the knit top and dress pieces included in this pattern) is designed for woven fabrics and includes a button placket at the front to give it a tailored look. To make it comfortable and adjustable, the back waistband is elasticized.

Hopscotch Skirt Sewing Pattern

But the best part is the Chinese takeout carton-inspired pockets. The little pleats at the top of the pocket are quite unique, easy to sew, and add a lot of interest to the skirt.

Hopscotch Skirt Sewing Pattern Pocket Detail

Choose from quilting cotton, men’s shirting, fine-wale corduroy, twill, denim, chambray, or linen for this pattern. It sews up quickly and includes some of the unique constructions techniques you’ve come to expect from our patterns.




  1. I can’t get over those pockets! So adorable.

  2. justswatchme

    This is a terrific skirt. It is so great to be able to make lovely clothing for children.

  3. Emily

    This is absolutely lovely. You’re right – we WILL be clamoring for it in adult sizes!

  4. I’m very excited about this one for my 18M old. The skirt looks a little longer and more forgiving for a climber! Ready to pair this one with tights or leggins and several of the top options!!

  5. AJ

    I ADORE it!!! And yes, I would love one for myself, and would go very color crazy with those pockets!

  6. Adorable! I’m wondering if I could squeeze my less than 5-foot self into the size 12! We just moved to China and there is men’s shirting galore at the fabric market here — just need to figure out what to make with it.

  7. Perfect for my baby, my little girl and my big girls !

  8. Patty

    Do you think it will be possible to make this pattern (top and bottom) on a cotton or any other fabric and not just Knits? I love the skirt but most of my fabric stash are cotton so I wonder?

    I’m counting the days until I can purchase this patterns!!!


  9. Patty, the skirt portion of this pattern is intended for woven fabrics, and the top/dress is for knits. So you can absolutely use your stash for the skirt!

  10. emily

    Such a beauty, this one. And yes, we would love it in our sizes!! 🙂

  11. Sewnsew

    I love this skirt! My dd loves skirts too. So this will be perfect. And, yup you are right. I want it for me too! 🙂

  12. I may have missed some info earlier but will the new patterns come in big girl sizes…maybe up to a 10? My daughter wears an 8 at the moment and I love the skirt and the dress…view B withe the box pleat in the front is wonderful!


  13. Sarah

    Love this skirt and this fabric! Can you the name of the fabric?
    Thanks much!

  14. Ana Sofia

    I’m a bit scare about sewing with knits, but really can’t wait for this one (as well).
    Can we start dreaming about adult versions soon? (please say yes)

  15. Victoria, the patterns will go up to size 12. And Sarah, the fabric is from our City Weekend collection, which will be available in September or early October.

  16. Addie

    This design is really inventive: the graphic quality of the pockets brings a sweet sophistication to the skirt. I don’t have anyone to sew this pattern for now but I’m in love with the fabric. I am looking forward to seeing the whole collection in stores soon. I appreciate the small scale of the patterns, not just for babies/children but for adult clothing too.

  17. I really love the pockets! I’ve been really into decorative pockets lately – but have pretty much stuck to just using a contrasting pattern for a patch pocket… this is a great idea!

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