thinking about fall

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it still feels too early to start thinking about fall sewing. After all, today the weather is expected to break even more records here in New York, after three solid weeks of mercilessly hot weather. But when I saw this Miu Miu ad in a fashion magazine I was immediately inspired. Wouldn’t that plaid wool make a terrific School Days coat?

This past Thursday morning I went shopping in the garment center and visited one of my favorite stores, Beckenstein Men’s Fabrics (I don’t know what the whole “fabric czar” thing is; I still call them Beckenstein’s but maybe they changed their name?), where they have a fantastic collection of high-quality wool fabric. The shop is loaded with other inspiring fabrics, too: Scottish tweed, Italian suiting, seersucker striped cotton, and melton wool in a wide variety of colors. And it’s all presented in a suitably old-school setting, too. It feels like the shop of a thread-worn gentlemen’s tailor, and when I visit I always wish I could stay to curl up on a chair in the corner with either a needle and thread or a good book.

I was shopping for S’s school uniforms, which I’ll be blogging about soon. But despite the weather, I’m also thinking seriously about winter coats. Maybe this year I’ll do something with a plaid fabric.



  1. I like your thinking, that plaid is divine !( Also love the big buckles, I am sure I have some vintage ons stashed some where….)

  2. Speaking of school uniforms and winter, my grandmother used to make me pinafore dresses for my school uniform and I loved to wear them. Twenty plus years later I want to make a pinafore dress to wear for work.

  3. I’d love to see a tutorial on what to bear in mind when cutting plaids or stripes to help them line up harmoniously on the finished garment, especially for pleats.

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