ruffled halter: free downloadable pattern

We initially developed the Ruffled Halter pattern for the Spring 2010 issue of Stitch magazine. Now, thanks to the generosity of the Stitch editorial team, we’re able to offer it to you here as a free download.

This pattern is very easy to make and includes some unique construction methods. The ruffles are all cut on bias, which gives them a nice drape. The bias also means the bottom edge of the ruffle can be left unfinished so it will soften and fray just a little bit over time without getting all messy. If you make the halter with a stripe or plaid, you can have all sorts of fun with it. We made this sample to be photographed for Stitch in an orange gingham, but imagine all the interesting things you could do with alternating stripes!

Photo from the Spring 2010 issue of Stitch magazine

Here are a two more examples, one made in a single fabric and the other made using a different fabric for each ruffle.

Multiple fabric version

I’m quite proud of the construction we worked out for this pattern. It was a puzzle to find an elegant sewing method for the design, but the result is very easy to make and may surprise you at how it’s put together. For example, the top ruffle forms the casing for the tie while simultaneously finishing both the inside and outside of the halter beautifully. It’s a lot of fun to sew, and I hope you’ll try it.

I hope you’ll enjoy sewing this pattern and that you’ll post photos of your creations to the Flick group. And, again, we’re very grateful to Stitch for allowing us to offer this as a downloadable pattern.




  1. Oh thanks! I just bought some fabric to make this top.

  2. Heathir

    While part of me is excited to see the pattern offered here, another part (the one that bought the magazine) is a little annoyed.
    I may make some of the other patterns, but the ruffled halter pattern is the reason I bought this (rather expensive) magazine. It feels a bit as though I wasted my money now.
    It’s getting to where I’m less likely to buy pattern magazines because so many of the patterns end up available for free online.

  3. How cute! I’m excited to make this (although my little miss is only 2 months). I’m picturing 3 shades of linen. Mmm. Thanks!

  4. THANK YOU!!! I’ve been wanting a ruffled top like this for my girls and to find it for free just made my day! Looking forward to sewing this one soon.

  5. Oh wow – another great Oliver + S freebie pattern. I can’t wait to try it (but I might have to wait until the Australian summer rolls around again).

  6. Thanks for sharing. That is super cute and would be great for my daughter over the summer….

  7. For sure going to try this! Thanks for the download!

  8. awesome!!!! I just clicked over to get the info on how to buy the pattern and voila! free. You totally made my day.

  9. Sandi

    I know how you feel, Heathir, I also bought it only for this pattern. However, I haven’t ended up using it yet and did make the adorable pink hedgehog for my friend who is expecting a little girl any minute! So, I’m still glad I bought it – I really enjoyed reading it. I’m glad everyone else gets to have it for free anyway.

  10. YaY!! I have two little girls that will love love love these! Thank you Leisl!

  11. I bought the magazine for the pattern too- and I haven’t made it yet either. However- I made 2 of those elephants and plan to make a couple of other things. So I am glad that I bought the magazine. Besides- after the popover dress became a free pattern a little while after it was released, I kind of expected that this one would be too. 🙂

    I am glad that it is free now though. My friend who just moved to Texas wants to make some clothes for her daughter and now we can each sew from the same pattern so I can help her if she needs it!

  12. Thank you for the lovely pattern! I love the deep pink sandals on the older girl – can anyone tell me where I might be able to purchase them?

  13. I also purchased the magazine, however I really wanted this pattern as it suited my verging on teenage daughters.
    I understand the position the Oliver+S company was in, one can hardly pop a free pattern in a publication and then tell its fans not to purchase it as they will be releasing it later.

  14. alisha

    Thanks so much, this is very generous…:)

  15. BeachyMum

    Thank you ~ from a loyal customer!

  16. Super cute, thanks bunches for sharing this online!

  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I downloaded this pattern off the magazine site but did not include instructions. My daughter requested for a halter top for this summer and I thought this would be just perfect! And I’d hoped to find this magazine in Hong Kong last week when we were there but couldn’t find it! Then voila! Can’t thank you enough!

  18. Merveilleux modèle, facile à coudre en une après midi
    Wonderful model, easy to sew in one after noon

  19. Thank you for sharing such a cute pattern!! I linked to your post on Craft Gossip Sewing:

  20. OMG this top is so gorgeous. I made it today for my 2 year old neice’s bday. Such a fantastic intuitive patter. I will blog about it later this week.

  21. Very pretty I like


  22. Jennifer

    Yay!!! I just bought a top eerily similar to this for my 14 mo old at a consignment sale, and found it was too small when we got home. Now I can make one for her that I know will fit. Thanks so much!

  23. I just made it !
    it’s so cute !
    many thanks !

  24. Jillian


    I was wondering if the printing instructions related to the Popover Sundress apply equally to the Ruffle Halter which has none. They state:

    Printing instructions: the pattern is provided as a PDF file sized specifically for 8.5 x 11 inch paper. To provide accurate sizing of the pattern when printing the file, ensure that the option for Page Scaling in Acrobat Reader’s print dialogue box is set to “None.”

    For the Ruffled Halter the default for Page Scaling is: Fit to printable area. Is that correct?


  25. You should print the pattern so there is no scaling. There is a test square included on page 5. You can print out that page and measure the square to calibrate your printer.

  26. Erin

    I just printed this off and I am piecing the pattern together right now. I hope I can make one of these tonight for my 2 year old, she will love it when it gets warmer. Thank you so much for the pattern!

  27. I have had this pattern downloaded for a while. I am cleaning my studio today so I can get going on all of my summer projects! Love you guys to bits and pieces! I have already featured two of your patterns on my blog.



  28. scott

    LOVE this pattern. Can you help a sister out so I can see it printed in color???


  29. luka

    Hi! I’m Japanese.
    this pattern is so cute!!! thank you!
    I want to challenge this pattern sewing.
    I have question.
    The pattern includes seam allowance?
    or not include?

    1. Hi Luka,

      Yes, the pattern includes all seam allowances. Have fun!

  30. Leasl

    Did a google search today for a ‘frilly girls top pattern’ and yours popped up as #1. When i saw it was from a Liesl, i just had to download it. Have the fabric ready to go and can’t wait for a couple of days off work to get stuck in! Thanks.

  31. Noelle

    Hi, do you think this pattern would work with a satin poly material?

  32. B2

    Peux-tu m’envoyer le patron de ce petit haut ? Merci

  33. Leisl, I’m about to make this top but I don’t know how the sizing works. What size corresponds to your 3T in O&S?

  34. Alison, this pattern is pretty flexible in term of fit, since you can adjust the back elastic as needed. I’d say a size Small would be appropriate for a 3T, but you might want to check the front length measurement against the child you’re sewing for. The length is the important element on this pattern. I hope that helps!

  35. Thanks, Liesl! (Sorry for spelling your name wrong earlier.)

    I made an S as you suggested and am sending it off to the child in question with the elastic attached only at one end, the other end dangling out with a safety pin so that her mother can adjust it as she thinks appropriate. It’s likely a bit big but children grow, and she lives in a warm climate so she’ll be able to wear it whenever.

  36. Sally

    Has anyone lengthened this and made a dress. My granddaughter wants a ruffled dress

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