looking around at Quilt Market

When you exhibit at Quilt Market, it can be difficult to get away from the booth to see the rest of the show. This year I took a quick tour of the floor early one morning so I would have a chance to look around. Here are a few things that caught my eye at the show. I thought you might enjoy seeing them, too:

Hokkoh had some really beautiful prints that felt fresh, unique, and contemporary. You can read more about them over at True Up.

Lecien had this stack of laminated cottons that would be great for the raincoats. Even for boys.

If you’re interested in organic cotton, the market is starting to respond with some great options. You may already be familiar with Cloud 9, who produce very cute prints and are also releasing new print collections and fabrics (like organic flannel!).

And Birch is a newcomer to the organic cotton market, with some great prints as well (and a bunch of cute Birthday Party dresses on display, too!).

Robert Kaufman also announced an organic cotton collection, called Free to Grow.

I thought the presentation of Anna Griffin‘s new collection for Windham Fabrics was so sweet, with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Aren’t the teacups pretty?

Seven Islands represents several popular Japanese fabric companies. I snapped a few photos as I dashed past, mostly of Heather Ross‘s new Far Far Away II collection and all the cute samples made from it, but you can see plenty of other darling samples and fabrics, too.

And this amazing quilt was designed by Kellie Wulfsohn of Don’t Look Now (thanks for the info, Rosa). Just beautiful.

One more booth that I meant to photograph and didn’t but thought you might like to know about anyway: The Snap Source offers a wide variety of great-looking snaps of all sizes and colors. For those of you who don’t like to sew buttons and buttonholes, you might be interested in their selection. The tools look very easy to use and are affordably priced.



  1. The quilt in your last pic is ‘Meg’s Garden’; one of the many incredible works by Australian Kellie Wulfsohn of ‘Don’t look now’ (http://dontlooknow.typepad.com/dont_look_now/).
    Check out her work. It’s amazing. x

  2. norasroom

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, I sewed those birthday party dresses! How thrilling to see photos of them at the quilt show.

    And I’ll put in a plug for the Snap Source snaps as well: they are super easy to use, I almost never screw one up.


  3. I love it when my crafting worlds collide.. The beautiful applique tree quilt is from Kellie of Don’t Look Now . Her designs are so fabulous!! Here is her blog address: http://www.dontlooknow.typepad.com/

  4. Hilary

    Your mystery quilt appears to be “Meg’s Garden” which appeared in Australian Homespun Magazine. Found this by Googling meg’s garden … I agree it is stunning. Here is a link to its designer’s blog …

  5. Thanks for the info, everyone! I’ll update the post with that information. And you’re right–the rest of her work in the booth was also beautiful and amazing.

    And Meg, nice work! I took additional photos if you want them. The dresses looked great.

  6. I don’t know how you scored a photo of a Don’t Look Now quilt. I was told no photography. Her work was just unbelievable!! Of course the Oliver+S booth wasn’t too shabby, either 😉

  7. sahmcolorado

    Wanted to share with everyone that I have been using snaps and the setter from The Snap Source for quite a while. They work great and the tool is easy to use – although it can be a little awkward keeping it from sliding around while positioning the fabric. All in all, though, I highly recommend their products!

  8. I did not know about Seven Islands… I’ve worked in that area for years. I can’t wait to go…. thanks for the tip!

  9. I was thinking…that looks like Heather Ross…and it is! I wonder if it will be hard to purchase here???

    You must have been in visual overload – I would have been.

  10. Anushree

    I love the white dress with the tree/animal print that is two pictures above the quilt. Is that from Seven Islands as well? I looked on their catalog on-line and I couldn’t find the fabric.

  11. Valerie

    I’m also interested in that beautiful one with the tree / animal border – any chance someone knows who made this?? Think it might be great on the popover sundress, or even the ice cream dress…

  12. Anushree

    Valerie, the designer is Kayo Horaguchi and Kiyohara fabrics distributes it. I think this print was just released in Japan, so hopefully Seven Islands will soon carry it as well.

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