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We’re pleased to announce that the Spring, 2010, issue of Stitch features an exclusive, new Oliver + S pattern: the Ruffled Halter. The issue also features a profile piece on Oliver + S written by Anne Merrow, who spent a day in the studio with us while she was in New York last winter.

Spring 2010, StitchThe Ruffled Halter pattern is very easy to make and includes some unique construction methods. The ruffles are all cut on bias, which gives them a nice drape. The bias also means the bottom edge of the ruffle can be left unfinished so it will soften and fray just a little bit over time without getting all messy. If you make the halter with a stripe or plaid, you can have all sorts of fun with it. We made this sample for the magazine in an orange gingham, but imagine all the interesting things you could do with alternating stripes!

Photo from Stitch magazine

Here are a two more examples, one made in a single fabric and the other made using a different fabric for each ruffle.

Single fabric version
Multiple fabric version
Multiple fabric version (featuring S telling me about her school field trip to the zoo today, complete with gestures)

I’m quite proud of the construction we worked out for this pattern. It was a puzzle to find an elegant sewing method for the design, but the result is very easy to make and may surprise you at how it’s put together. For example, the top ruffle forms the casing for the tie while simultaneously finishing both the inside and outside of the halter beautifully. It’s a lot of fun to sew, and I hope you’ll try it.

In the United States, Stitch is available at many independent fabric stores and at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Jo-Ann, and Hancock Fabrics. Stitch is also available at select retailers in Australia and the United Kingdom. Single copies can be purchased from the publisher’s website.




  1. Goodness gracious – another one I simply must have for my collection. 🙂

  2. sahmcolorado

    Geesh – I just told myself today that I’m not going to buy any more of your patterns for awhile. Ok – maybe just one more… and besides, its not buying a pattern – it’s buying a magazine…right?

  3. eeeee I’m so excited – I ordered three of the Stitch magazines, including this one, a week or so ago and they’re on their way to me right now. I was really looking forward to the one above but now doubly so! I bought a similar top to this one for my daughter this past summer because it looked so darn cute on the hanger, and it IS cute, but not well made and the knit they used doesn’t suit it. How excited am I that I’ll be able to make your much nicer version in a decent fabric for next summer?! My daughter will be thrilled.

  4. Alice S

    That looks like a cute top! I’m going to have to make my way to Hancocks soon to pick up a copy.

  5. So sweet! I’ll definitely be sewing a few of these up this summer.

  6. Sandi

    How much fabric does it take?

  7. Tracy

    So exciting! Every time you release a pattern, it’s like Christmas for me 🙂

  8. I really like this pattern! It is funny, because I was just looking at a top in my daughter’s closet the other day that I liked and I was thinking that next time you asked for suggestions, I would suggest something like this- and then you come out with the ruffle halter pattern- which is pretty much exactly what I was thinking I wanted to sew next! (the shirt my daughter has isn’t a halter- but it is a ruffle shirt!) I will be purchasing this magazine for this pattern!! Thanks!

  9. Julie

    Wonderful pattern!!

  10. nicole keller

    Just ordered my from Australia directly from the publishers website, pity we are coming into winter!

  11. Carey

    Do you think this could work as a dress for a smaller child?

  12. Love the design of this top! I’ll have to pick up a copy.

  13. I just purchased Stitch today and learned about your company and can’t wait to peruse your patterns! I’ll be making the halter for my 5 year old DD and hopefully posting it on my blog.

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