spring 2010 pattern preview

It’s finally time to take the wraps off what we’ve been working on in the studio for the last several months and give you a preview of our new spring and summer patterns.

Spring 2010 StylesThis season we’re releasing three new patterns: a cute little blouse and skirt outfit, a classic shirt and shorts outfit for boys, and a stylish smock-style dress.

As usual with our patterns, each of the styles has been designed to be very versatile, and they all include many different options. And, in response to your requests, we have expanded our sizing up to 12 starting this season.

So, without further ado, here’s a preview of the line.

The Music Class Blouse and Skirt is a sweet, sophisticated outfit that’s as appropriate for toddlers as it is for tweens. The skirt features an unusual side pocket and a pleated hem detail. The blouse can be made with either short or long sleeves and with a traditional blouse collar or a band collar.
Music Class Blouse and Skirt
The Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts pattern provides a classic version of a child’s shirt with a button-front placket and shirt-tail hem. Like the Music Class blouse, this shirt can also be made with long or short sleeves and either a traditional or a band collar. The simple knee-length shorts have an elasticized waist and a mock fly and are very easy to sew.

Sketchbook Shirt and Shorts

The Ice Cream Dress features an interesting one-piece yoke  with a V-notch at the front and a button loop closure at the back neck. It can be made in two different styles or as a blouse to pair with your favorite skirt or shorts during summer months.

Ice Cream Dress

The patterns will be available in stores worldwide and on our website starting on April 5. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the patterns begin shipping. Wholesale customers can place pre-orders now by downloading the form from our Wholesale page.

Over the next three weeks we’ll be publishing more detailed posts here that highlight all the options included in each pattern. Check back frequently to see what we have in store for you this spring.


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  1. Jennifer

    Hooray, spring is here. The snow is melting and your new patterns are coming soon. Great work – these look like fantastic pieces for my daughter and since I’ve just done the jump rope dress, I’m eager to do another collar. And the smock dress looks to be a perfect knock-about piece for my very girly-girl.

  2. These are fantastic! Can’t wait to order some as soon as I move into my new shop in four weeks.
    Till then,

  3. ASM_Blue

    Wow! That’s a winning collection for spring!! How did you manage to know exactly what I was looking for? Cute clothes for my baby girl (the Music Class blouse is perfect with all the other O+S dresses and the ice cream dress can be so easily paired for kindergarten or a weekend outing to the beach/park) and matching shorts and shirt for the older brothers. Thanks !! (I’m confident that the boy’s pattern will be a huge success this season) – Now if only spring could come faster …

  4. Courtney

    Love, love, love!!

  5. thank you, thank you, thank you for increasing your sizing up to 12! that is wonderful news – i’ll be making that ice cream dress for sure now.

  6. Yipee!!! I am so thrilled that you increased the sizes. And I am so looking foward to making the shirt and shorts for my son. All of the patterns are so cute! Thank you!!

  7. Tania D.

    Hooray for bigger sizing!

  8. Oh wow! I can’t wait to buy the shorts pattern for my 2 year old! You keep making me want a daughter too with all these cute girl patterns!

  9. I cannot get my hands on SweetPea’s & Cowboy’s size fast enough!

  10. Rebecca S

    Yippee! I am so excited about the Sketchbook Shirt & Shorts! I have been wanting to make my son a shirt, but I was hesitant to try a big 4 pattern (collars scare me). Liesl’s meticulous instructions will be so much better than trying to muddle through theirs!

  11. corlee

    too cute! can’t wait to order all three. ADORABLE!

  12. Katja Magus

    You’ve done it again, just what I wanted and so much more. Thank you for asking and listening to all of us…my hubby was so amazed that I got just what I wanted….shorts and a button down for three little boys! How will the sizing divide out with the new range of sizes? Just trying to plan my order!! Hugs and kisses from WA where the best dressed brothers reside!

  13. Melanie

    I’m so grateful for more boy patterns! I wouldn’t have thought I’d want to try a collared shirt, but after making the school days coat at the Cloth & Bobbin workshop, I know I can do this with the help of your excellent instructions.

  14. What a cute casual dress for summer! and I’m sure I’ll be making the blouse in a million different fabrics. So excited about the new sizing also

  15. Oh my goodness, I am so excited! These are lovely – just absolutely lovely. I can’t wait to make them all for my daughter! In fact, I’m calling my local fabric store RIGHT NOW to let them know I want to buy all three. Well done, Liesl!

  16. Love, love, love the new patterns! The music class blouse is exactly what I’ve been looking for for E’s school uniform and the boy’s shirt – just perfect! Will you be coming back to Cloth and Bobbin this Spring?

  17. Heather L

    Gorgeous! so excited about these new patterns, especially the shirt and blouse. Had secretly hoped these would be released sooner so they could be used for Easter sewing, but I’ll get over that 🙂 Thank you thank you for all your hard work and such lovely patterns.

  18. Libby

    I never say this but…..OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! Last night I was laying in bed wondering how you could possibly think of anything new and as cute as or cuter than the patterns you have already done. So I was mentally prepared to not be as psyched about your upcoming patterns (I’m sorry but I just have to prepare for disappointment cause I get too heartbroken if I don’t). BUT BUT BUT these BLOW ME AWAY! You are amazing!!! Gush, gush, and a million times more GUSH!!!!!

  19. Hollie

    You just made my day! While doing housework I daydreamed about what I would make with your new designs. Not only did it make my chores breeze by, but now I’ve got some great ideas of what I’ll be sewing in April!
    Is it weird that I’m making a “countdown chain” for April 5?

  20. Thank you for another boy’s pattern! Love the girls as well, but I will soon have two sons so keep them coming!


    How are we supposed to wait until April 5?!?

  22. ali

    LOVE them!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  23. Katie

    These are exactly what I’ve been hoping to sew recently – I will be eagerly awaiting the patterns’ release in April …. and doing lots of daydreaming in the meantime. Thanks for another wonderful collection – especially for all the variations and expanded size range.

  24. norasroom

    Oh, congratulations Liesl and Co. The boy’s shirt and shorts are exactly what I needed for our one dressy outfit this summer. Love it.

  25. Wendy

    WOW!!!!!! I can’t wait(well I can, just don’t want to!)I have three boys and three girls, they’re going to look great!

  26. Allison

    I love these new patterns! Can’t wait to make them. Thanks for more boy patterns.

  27. Oh thank you… Thank You! The Music Class blouse is exactly what I am eternally looking for but never manage to find for my three year old. Simple, but not frumpy or boring. And the accompanying skirt is also adorable. Those will be the first things I make from your spring lineup. What a lovely collection.

  28. Good on you Liesl. Your patterns are the best thing ever and I have learned a lot from them. Love the girls shirt especially.

  29. cheryl

    love it!! can’t wait until it’s available!!!

  30. Lisa

    I can’t wait! Finally a shirt that my son will wear and darling sets for my daughter. Sweet!

  31. I am very excited about the Spring patterns and the extension of sizes!!! I can’t wait to make all three patterns. I am very excited about the ice cream dress. It is absolutely darling! 🙂

  32. All three are very cute–glad you’ve done another one for boys, and I love the dress! Thanks for including the larger sizes, too!

  33. love the little skirt.. very cute

  34. Yay!!!

  35. Hurraaaaa! You are awesome! And these new outfits rock! Can´t wait to make the Icecream Dress. And the Music Class Combo – so so so sweet. You just brought a very big sun in my grey morning here in Germany. Thank you!

  36. Jen

    I love the little pleats in that skirt, cute!

  37. I’ve so been looking forward to seeing the spring designs. I’m so, so excited about the Ice Cream Smock Dress.

  38. :applauds

  39. Love the Music Class blouse and skirt and thank-you so much for making bigger sizes! Will you be making bigger sizes of all your patterns or just the new ones!

  40. In response to a couple questions, the size range for the new patterns is 6M-4 and 5-12. We’ve posted yardage requirements and more detail on sizing in the forums if you’re interested in that. And we won’t be going back to resize old styles up to 12, but this will be our sizing for all new patterns going forward.

  41. Oh, they are all WONDERFUL! The ice cream dress! the sweet boys’ shirt! Such goodness. Congrats on another beautiful collection!

  42. nicole keller

    Wonderful to have boys patterns

  43. SShaw

    Hooray for patterns that include tween sizing! I am learning here that some of my favorite designs and patterns that I have were released in the first few seasons so I will have to give the lengthening instructions in your previous post a try when sewing for my oldest daughter on those. Thanks for including the older kids as well from this point forward!

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