dress your browser in Oliver + S

Attention Firefox users. You already dress your kids in Oliver + S designs. Now you can dress your browser in Oliver + S too.

Oliver + S Theme for FirefoxWe’ve recently released our first two Firefox personas. One features Pearl, our spool dog. The other (shown above) features the Oliver + S paper dolls wearing our new Spring 2010 styles.

You can get them as free downloads from the Mozilla Personas site. Enjoy!




  1. Thanks for the persona!

  2. How cute! Too bad I don’t use Firefox… maybe I should start so I can download these. 🙂

  3. Emily

    I love the idea but the Google band across their eyes doesn’t quite work for me. I think I would prefer just the Oliver+S scissor motif or something like that. Just my .02!

  4. The band across the eyes only shows if your monitor is smaller or perhaps more square – our large widescreen catches both dolls perfectly.

  5. Emily

    Oh, cool – thank you for letting me know!

  6. i love this.
    I had already chosen a cute firefox personae (japonese tatoo) but i think i might change it for yours!

  7. Love it! Thanks!

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