notice a difference here?

Probably not. And that’s good because we tried to keep things looking familiar.

Over the weekend we gutted and rebuilt the Oliver + S blog and upgraded the forums. Boring tech stuff, mostly, but there are some nice new features you might want to take advantage of:

  • If you have logged into the forums and you jump over to the blog, you’ll already be logged in for leaving comments.
  • All individual post pages now have a section in the sidebar suggesting “similar posts.” If you like a post, follow the links under this heading to read similar items from the archives.
  • If you leave a comment on a post, you can choose to be notified by email when follow up comments are left.
  • We’re using a new and improved method for verifying that comments are left by real readers. (My new favorite time waster is clicking on the audio icon in the box under the comment field and listening to the little snippets of old-time radio broadcasts that play.)

If you experience any issues as a result of these changes, please let us know by leaving a comment or emailing us at

While we’ve been preparing to make these changes, we’ve held back new blog posts. We’ll have some good ones, including a tutorial on lengthening and shortening patterns, appearing here later this week.



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  1. I had to comment just to listen to the old radio broadcasts… when we used to have XM Radio subscribed, I’d listen to the old shows on long distance drives. When our son was about 4-years-old and into the ‘cowboy’ stage we had to print off a schedule so he could listen to the Lone Ranger.

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