It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a: Craftastrophe

A giant knitted rock: Craft Business

From the annals of brilliant ideas in reusable packaging design: Subtraction

A great opportunity for fabric lovers who live in Portland: Heather Ross
Make your own Playdough brain: Spike

Cat shaped spots–on a cat: The WOW Report

Zee Avi, the best (and probably only) Borneo-born ukulele player you’ll see this week: Studio 360/You Tube

Oh, the temptation of the infamous marshmallow test: Vimeo

What was in “Miss Average College Girl’s” closet in 1941: Hand-Made, NYPL

What drives the boom-and-bust cycle–low interest rates or the animal spirits:
Daybreak, UT: Triple Canopy



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