How a fabric collection is created and produced: Moda

Sewing industry best of the decade list: Sew Mama Sew

Mornings just aren’t the same without Carl: NPR

Fabulous elephant tea packaging on one of our favorite inspirational blogs: Lovely Package

Finding beauty in decay: The Ruins of Detroit

Training wheels are now a thing of the past: Gyrobike

Recreating American Gothic: Period Wardrobe

Beautiful vintage embroidery transfers: Collette Patterns

Photos of our favorite new New York park: Yarnstorm

Inspiring pattern picks: Alabama Chanin




  1. I love these "Notches" posts.

    Congrats on your FABULOUS nod from Sew Mama Sew!!!!

  2. I love it when people share secrets like great links. Thank you!

  3. Thanks Liesl!! I have never in my life wanted to go to Detroit! Now I do..thanks for the links.

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