fabric series on the BurdaStyle blog

Over the next year, I’ll be contributing a monthly column to the BurdaStyle blog that goes into geek-level detail on fabrics. The column runs on the last Tuesday of each month.

The first piece in the series, a basic primer on fabric construction terminology, published this morning.

In upcoming months, I’ll be covering topics such as the different types of natural and man-made fibers, uncommon fabric types, how to shop for interesting apparel-sewing fabrics, and how a designer puts together a fabric collection.





  1. I must be a geek! Sounds cool.

  2. Geek level – sounds like my thing. I loved fabric theory classes when I studied fashion.

    I more recently had a lot to say to a shop assistant who said "all wool pills". I gave her a quick lesson in length of fibres and got rather annoyed that her ill-informed opinions are giving wool a bad name.

    I'm sure a lot of readers will get lots out of your regular posts.

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