Quality, not luxury: W

Santas, Santas, Santas: On the Street, The New York Times

This should be hanging above everyone’s sewing machine: The Blue Gardenia

Today’s moment of cute; a baby hedgehog!: Pixdaus




  1. First of all, that hedgehog is adorable! Secondly, I love the list from Blue Gardenia. Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!

  2. Fun list! The Santas on the street and that Christmas window make me want to hop on a plane and visit NYC – I just love it there!

    Also, on a note unrelated to your post, I saw the write-up on you guys in the Spark this month. I didn't know you guys were Calvin grads – I'd stumbled upon your patterns in my online travels and I'm a little shocked I didn't hear about them through the old GR grapevine first LOL! Perhaps you are like me and a bit out of that loop 😉 Anyway, it was fun to find a little connection with you, I love your patterns!

  3. Lindsay

    I was also coming to rave about the Spark interview…my sister is an alum, and knows I'm an Oliver + S fan, so she passed it on. I hope it leads to more people in GR sewing with your patterns!

  4. my sister, who knows me like the back of her own hand, gave me the jacket coat pattern for xmas. so so excited to try it soon. if we will be in for el nino as they say the boys will need raincoats. cannot wait. happy holidays and thank you for your very lovely pattern making.

  5. Yippee skippee! Thank you ever so for the tout! I appreciate it so much. By the way, The blue Gardenia's once-a-year sale is underway now. Do drop by.

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