come tomorrow; it’ll be fun!

The decorations are up, and we’ve been relocated to an amazing (and slightly larger) room for tomorrow’s event at the New York Public Library. You won’t believe how beautiful the space is!

Here are some images from one book I’ve selected to talk about at the event. It’s filled with fashion plates from the 1930’s.

I spent Wednesday afternoon blissfully working away in one of the reading rooms. It doesn’t really feel like work when you’re sitting in such a beautifully appointed room, believe me.

So pages have been turned, illustrations have been gushed over, and selections have been made. We have a treasure trove of materials to show you at the library tomorrow. And we’ll be doing a little crafting (and maybe some holiday snacking?), too!

Find all the details here and here. Bring your sewing supplies, and I’ll also be bringing materials for making walnut boat ornaments (no sewing necessary).

So, as my old boss (and dear friend) used to say, “Come tomorrow. It’ll be fun!”



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  1. Those 1930's fashion templates look wonderful! Sounds like such fun! I really wish I could be there to take part in the fun!

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