playdate for play

I’ve always wanted to do something a little more sporty with the Playdate Dress. Something that can be worn for a playdate on the swings and while tearing around the playground. Something that’s amenable to serious outdoor activity.

For this version, I shortened the dress (by about four or five inches), removed the pockets, and cut it from chambray.

We’ve been pairing the tunic top with a pair of black leggings lately, but it would look equally sporty over a pair of slim-cut pants.

I cut the ruffles on the bias–a technique that’s been used a great deal in ready-wear over the past few years–so the edges will ravel a bit and soften when the tunic is washed. The ruffles lend the top an understated sophistication and femininity, even though it now has a much more casual feel than the dress usually does.

I suppose this is just another example of how a seamstress’s choices dramatically alter the character of garments sewn from the same pattern.

I’m constantly reminded of the impact that personal choices make when I look at the Flickr group and view your creations. Thanks for posting them. I always enjoy seeing how you’ve interpreted Oliver + S designs to make them your own.




  1. An adorable pic of the outfit and a very cute little girl. The things that are available for children are wonderful.

  2. Anonymous

    Would you mind showing the inside of the top part of the playdate dress? I'm especially interested in how your seam looks where the yoke is attached. Thanks so much!

  3. I really like this! My daughter might be getting a couple of these this fall!

  4. I'm going to use this bias trick on big people's clothes! I love everything about this tunic. And learning these great haberdashery tricks from you.

    Long live chambray!

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