how a sewing machine works

I’ve been explaining how a sewing machine works for years but have never had a visual for it. I just came across this great one (via Swiss Miss via Dossier).




  1. Thanks. That is so cool. It really helps when thinking about tension.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video! I have been wondering how my sewing machine works.

  3. Wow. That is cool and informative! Who knew? Oh yeah, you did…. LOL

  4. Anonymous

    I'm hanging out for more principles of fabric selection!

  5. Those fabric selection principles are coming! We'll be back shortly with the remaining few–just need to get through Quilt Market first. I'm glad you're interested.

  6. Felicia

    Wow! That's amazing. I have been sewing for at least 20 years and I never had a clue about how the thing worked. It was just magic to me!

  7. Fascinating! I never knew either. 🙂

  8. This is a 'ta da' moment – thank you for finding this visual aid. I never could quite figure out how these magic machines worked.

  9. Jo

    i stared at that for quite a while! i could never quite visualize exactly what was going on down there so thank you!

  10. that's great!

  11. I'm such a visual person that even though I know how a sewing machine works this just makes it crystal clear! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. o my! this is just amazing! thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  13. I sat and watched that for like 2 minutes…it's fascinating! Thanks for sharing. =)

  14. ha — I said "hmmm" out loud in that really satisfied way that happens when you see how something works. then saw how you tagged this post!

  15. I love this….I wanted to borrow it but I can't find a place to ask the folks at Swiss Miss for their permission. Do you know if they mind if we borrow it to show on our blogs? Perhaps you know them personally…?

    Kelly, the one who saved you from the name badge fright at Quilt Market….LOL

  16. That is REALLY neat – my 8 yr old old loves it!

  17. Annette

    I have sewn for many years and have always been able to fix the tension so that it worked fine. But this visual is wonderful! I’m a school teacher and know that most people today are visual learners. This is a great picture to help us…me too…be able to understand what is happening on the inside of our machines. Thanks! Love it!

  18. Judith

    I love my Babylock but bobbin stitches seem to bunch up very quickly while sewing and cannot figure out why. My sewing years are many and learned to service my own machines for continued good use back in my sewing classes in school way back when…
    but this particular problem just keeps me puzzled without resolve and comes and goes when you are not thinking about it and of course it means removing the bunched threads and start that seam over. Grrrrr …HELP

  19. That sounds like a job for your local sewing machine repair shop, Judith! Good luck.

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