new fall patterns: jump rope dress, view B

In my last post, I previewed View A of the Jump Rope Dress. Now it’s time for the second version of the pattern, View B.

This version is a simple, clean A-line dress with a hem that hits at or slightly above the knee for a more casual look.

The long sleeves are slim, but not tight, and I added gathered patch pockets for a fun detail. You’ve seen these pockets before on the Puppet Show Tunic. I liked them there and thought they would be a nice touch for this pattern as well.

This dress makes use of the same innovative placket construction as View A. I’m really excited about this because plackets are a notoriously tricky detail that many sewers want to do but are afraid to try.

This placket, though, is easily achievable by any intermediate seamstress who is able to follow my very thorough instructions closely. I know you’ll thrill yourself with the result you’ll be able to achieve when you sew this dress.

As a matter of fact, one of our pattern testers had been trying, without success, to copy a top with a placket that she bought for herself. After sewing this dress she understood how to construct and sew a placket and was able to finish her own top using the same technique.

This pattern provides additional room for customization by allowing you to mix and match elements from the two views. Why not try a short-sleeve version of View B for warmer weather? Or how about using the View B pockets on View A?

I’ve provided you with lots of options in this pattern, and I’m eager to see what you do with them when the pattern is released on September 8.




  1. You're killing me, Liesl – I love it! 😉 I also really like the lighting for these photographs.

  2. Ya, those pockets are killer.

  3. nice pockets!

    I'd like to slip in a plea for more boy clothes. The market is swamped with ridiculously cute girl clothes, and we mothers to boy children are woefully short on adorable-ness. (I love the new jacket and the hip cut of the sailor pants, btw. More!)

    Love your stuff. ^_^

  4. jlk

    I cannot wait for these to be released!

  5. kig

    I LOVE checking back for these teasers! can't wait!

  6. This dress just makes me happy. It is a wonderful fall dress!

  7. Sooo cute. But, will it adapt well to a below-the-knee length? That is our preference and I have been able to lengthen many styles, but not all.

    Thanks for your great designs!

  8. I rarely purchase patterns anymore, having a ridiculously enormous collection already. But I believe I will have to purchase both of your new designs. Just gorgeous, and practical without being too utilitarian. I love your classic details.

  9. Perfect for the uniform my little girl is now required to wear. It has to have a collar, so either style is great.

  10. I can't wait for this pattern to be released. I am in love with the details.

  11. Love those pleated pockets and the fabric choice.

  12. Anonymous

    I love these, and really wish they came in my size!

  13. Victoria Hassink

    I can hardly wait, my local shop Elegant Stitches in Cary NC said they will be getting your 2 new patterns and I am busting! If they take to long I will have to order from you and pay the shipping!!!

    Love them both!

  14. oh, that is so pretty. i can't wait to try it. those pockets are PERFECT.

  15. Anonymous

    I have just done another Popover Sun Dress, this time with these pockets which I have instructions fro with another of your patterns I haven't got around to working on! I love it…
    Never goin' Big 4 again (if I can help it).

    eeloh at

  16. Liesl,
    My daughter is in love with your new shirt-dress. But she is a size 10! Our tweens would look cute in some of your styles and are in desperate need of quality patterns. Please consider doing a size-up for this one! (I'd be happy to test it for you…LOL)

    Pretty please???

  17. Hi again- I love the new coat and I second the vote for more boy's patterns- something classic and adaptable like the girls, with short sleeves and long, short pants and long and maybe a peter pan collar or a bolero jacket – anything but the pointy collared, fake tie or polo shirt options for little boys…especially when it comes to dressy clothes….it's so depressing. Love to you all and keep up the good work! Katja

  18. SShaw

    This view B totally is my style! I wish there were a grown-up counterpart to it in the Liesl line. Maybe with different pockets. I would be happy with a closet full of these dresses in different textures and prints!

    1. Ah, but we do! Try the Classic Shirt with our free popover placket. You could always add the pockets from this dress, enlarged a bit.

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