double gauze

Have you caught all the excitement about double gauze yet? I think it’s a great summer fabric. We used it for our Popover Sundress pattern in Sew Hip magazine a couple of months ago, and I just finished making these Bedtime Story pajamas for S using double gauze from Seven Islands, the U.S. distributor of many Japanese fabrics.

It’s a fascinating fabric, and it really is made of two layers of gauze. They’re woven together on the loom, which is what that white dot on the fabric is–the inside layer of gauze is white, and when the threads trade places on the loom, a little “stitch” of white shows on the purple side while a “stitch” of purple shows on the white side. You could use either side of the fabric as the right side, since the two sides are identical but opposite.

She looks ready for summer, doesn’t she?

Double gauze can be quite drapey, so it’s better suited to some styles than others. I was pleasantly surprised to see it used very effectively in this adorable Birthday Party dress on the Oliver + S Flickr group. This particular version uses a Heather Ross print. Printing gives the double gauze a stiffer hand, which certainly helps to keep this dress looking crisp and summery.

If you haven’t tried this fabric yet, I strongly recommend it. It’s perfect for those really warm days of summer, which I hear are on their way.


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  1. I made my daughters birthday dress out of some beautiful japanese double gauze back in Feb. (australian summer) and it was a dream to sew with!

    I picked up some more for this coming summer and cant wait to make some more summery frocks with it!

  2. Anonymous

    That's my daughter in the Birthday Party dress!! I purchased the fabric at Purl Soho while visiting NYC. (I live in St. Louis.) I saw the display in the window and loved the dress and fabric. I haven't sewn in years so (I'm embarrassed to say) I didn't know I was even buying double gauze! But it was wonderful to work with. It pressed very well. I've since purchased the Tea Party dress pattern. I've caught the sewing bug again! Annie

  3. Annie, your daughter is such a cutie! And I'm thrilled that you've discovered our patterns. Can't wait to see your Tea Party dress!

  4. Love the polka dot pajamas. S is adorable as ever.

  5. Thanks so much for this post! I was just thinking of making one of your patterns in the double gauze (the tea party sundress). I was wondering if you mixed double gauze with non-double gauze fabric in the popover dress. I was thinking of doing that, but was a bit worried that they might not mix well. Thanks!

  6. Have not used it yet, but can't wait to, I love the Heather Ross designs. Is it like a lawn fabric?

  7. It is hot enough to use it here in South Carolina. Am making a dress now, and really the fabric.

  8. I cannot believe how much little S is growing! That fabric is amazing – I had the idea of making PJs, too… we'll see how much time I have in the next week.

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