weekend sewing workshop

I’m excited to have been asked to join Heather Ross as a special guest for one of her upcoming weekend sewing getaways.

Heather, as you know, in addition to being a talented fabric designer is also the author of the wildly popular Weekend Sewing. What you might not know is that occasionally Heather plays party planner too and puts together actual weekends away where women do nothing but sew. (Well, from what I’ve heard, there is plenty of eating and a few other fun outdoor-type activities thrown in just as well, just for good measure.)

So please consider joining us at Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen, VT for a weekend of serious social sewing, gourmet eating, and a little hiking and swimming at one of the most lovely little secret forest lakes in Vermont.

All the details, and information on registering, are available on Heather’s blog.




  1. What I wouldn’t give to attend!

  2. How many spaces are available?

  3. Aw darn! What about a West Coast option for us? Pretty please???

    But it sure sounds fun!

  4. Dreamy!

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