other signs of spring

You know it must be spring when the garage around the corner from our studio opens its doors and the ice cream trucks start to emerge.

We’re bracing ourselves for seven or eight months of this:





  1. Okay, THAT was hilarious!!!!!! I am seriously laughing-out-loud. I know, I know – it’s probably not all that funny come mid-summer (or next week?) when you’re all but finished with that jingle.

    I’m so sorry for you, Liesl, but I can’t help but chuckle. Was that your video, by the way? Those antics were hysterical!

  2. Springtime in NY ey, noisy or not, I wish I was there!

  3. Not my video, but the annotations are very funny, aren’t they? And the noise doesn’t really bother me–we’re located in the quiet back corner of our building, so it doesn’t really carry our way too much. Plus, it’s nice to know we’re not far from ice cream!

  4. ali

    That was great! I used to love that sound before I had kids, but now I know all it means is that my kids are about to start begging me for money. How cynical is that?

  5. I agree with cec…”Springtime in NY ey, noisy or not, I wish I was there!” I love NY. Thanks for the video. I felt like I was there. Do you ever make your way to Jane street in the Village? Try out “Tavern on Jane” it’s my Uncle’s (Michael Stewart) tavern.

    Billie Jeanne
    A.J.JACKS Clothing
    (Sandy’s daughter-in-law)

  6. Hahahaha! That’s hilarious. It’s just building up into Autumn here in Australia but still hot enough for icecream.

    Oh, and I’m nearly finished my first ever Birthday Party dress. Eep!

    PinkLizzy Sews

  7. instantly after clicking on the video my girls came running, shouting “ice cream! ice cream!!”. i miss the days when i had them convinced the trucks were nothing more than giant music boxes…

    but still, here’s to spring. even when it brings mr. softee down the block, waking my kids at 10pm.

  8. Katie, that’s hilarious! Thanks for the great laugh. One of our dear friends (Oliver’s mom, actually) also convinced her kids the ice cream truck was a music box. I was never so successful, unfortunately…maybe because I’m such a sucker for ice cream.

  9. Oh, I much prefer the tune of your ice cream truck gingle than the one that comes thru our neighborhood.

    When our two boys were very young my husband and I called the ice cream truck…”the music truck”…the boys didn’t realize the truck sold snacks…until one day…they wised up really quickly. :)) The boys are now 20 and 18 and they still laugh about our deception. 🙂

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