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I was thinking this weekend about one more benefit of sewing. Because you can choose fabrics, patterns, and colors of your own liking, you can also build a cohesive wardrobe that all works together in many interchangeable ways.

How may outfits do you think you could you put together from this collection of garments:

  • 4 skirts
  • 1 jacket
  • 2 blouses
  • 1 dress
  • 2 cardigans
  • 1 pants

Here’s what we did.

We could have kept going, but you get the picture(s)….

S. and I have found that this concept works really well. She’s gotten loads of wear from her tweed pants and skirt and jacket, the cardigans, and her 2+2 blouses and skirts. Some of the items above are from her own closet, and we added a few samples from the studio to demonstrate that with a sophisticated color palette and a few key fabrics, you can have a lot of fun with a little girl’s wardrobe.


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  1. oh, this is such a fun project! I may have to go through my Jolie's closet this weekend for some mix & match fun~!


  2. must….have……..velvet. that skirt is perfect!

  3. That first combo is my favorite. Gorgeous fabrics.

  4. I love this! It allows me to see the many different variations that are possible. Thank you for sharing. Dying to get the new Spring patterns!

  5. That is a good idea. We have such a mishmash of different clothes that sometimes it is hard to figure out what to put together.

  6. oh this is really great!
    I wish my daughter would wear things like that, but unfortunatly this yxcölkgrmpf h…k….kitten-thing is the only thing she likes to wear without discussing – thanks to daycare, thanks to h&m..;.

  7. Anybody know where I might find that sort of tweed? I’ve looked in my local fabric stores, done some online searching and nada.

  8. It’s crazy that I’ve been thinking about just these very things when it comes to my sewing. Reading these threads truly feeds my sewing soul! I’ve been contemplating and blogging about some of these very thoughts. In sewing, there are so many avenues of exploration. There is clothing, quilting, home decorating, couture, etc, etc. I’ve been sewing for years and yet, I find so many new things to incorporate into my creations. The feeling of being creative is so refreshing. Thank you Liesl for this wonderful and most invigorating topic.

  9. Joanne

    I just recently found out about Oliver + S patterns and they are the cutest! Except I live in Canada and shipping patterns is expensive. I am wondering if there will be more digital patterns (like the music box or ice cream dress patterns) in the future?

    1. Joanne, over time we will be releasing more patterns in digital format, but we don’t have a schedule for that confirmed yet.

  10. SShaw

    I LOVE this little capsule and wouldn’t be sad at all to have a grown-up version of it for myself!

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