harvest dress

I always have a difficult time letting go of Thanksgiving and moving into Christmas. Maybe it’s something about the family-oriented reflection of Thanksgiving versus the consumer pressure that seems to preceed Christmas (can you tell which holiday is my favorite?).

But really, I think it’s more about the colors.

Thanksgiving colors are rich autumnal golds, reds, and burgundies. Christmas is traditionally associated with two colors that I wouldn’t usually pair together: red and green.

Thus, the Harvest Dress.

This Tea Party dress was entirely fabric-inspired. It started with the golden yellow velveteen (velveteen is velvet made from cotton, which means it’s also washable and doesn’t have the sheen usually associated with velvet) which paired itself with a William Morris print fine-wale corduroy from Liberty of London.

I think it could be worn for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving.


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  1. It’s so gorgeous! I love the colors – and it definitely looks festive enough for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Oh it’s so beautiful. I wasn’t going to make a dress for my daughter for Christmas, but seeing this has inspired me too! I love the fabric choices.

  3. How beautiful! This is just what my mother would make us when we were girls–she always believed we should honor the spirit of the holiday, but not feel obligated to duplicate its color palette if it didn’t suit our own coloring. As a spring, neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas is very forgiving to my strawberry blonde/grey eyed tones, so she’s get busy with some velveteen and cord in spring hues. Always made the holiday photos work better, right? And who couldn’t be happy when looking at a Liberty print?

  4. Wow – that is so lovely! I’ve been on a blog-reading hiatus so I’m glad I didn’t miss this post. Those colors make me think of Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings!

  5. Aaaah!!! Just noticed the Oliver + S hanger! Do you sell these? Wowowowow – what a neat touch!

  6. The dress is beautiful but I REALLY love the hanger!

  7. Ren

    Wow Liesl, another fabulous creation! Where oh where can I get those fabrics?! They’re absolutely GORGEOUS. Love, love, love the dress.

  8. awww what a beautiful creation
    The colours are so rich and decadent perfect for the festive season
    The birds are sweet too, I have such a thing for birds at the moment!
    Beautiful xxx

  9. That corduroy print is awe inspiring. The photo just doesn’t do it justice. Absolutely gorgeous little dress.

  10. How beautiful!

  11. oh wow
    this one is beautiful
    lovely fabric choices
    this dress is next on my pile
    i was going to do a yellow ladybug print but i also have a beautiful liberty cord and i may just have to do that one
    where did you purchase the velveteen?

  12. love the dress. definitly a christams dress. great choices.

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