at last!

When we moved into our new studio space in early September, I knew almost immediately how I wanted to use the space. But it took a lot longer than that to bring it all together.

Now, at long last, we’re settled in with countertops under the windows, lots of shelving for the boxes (and boxes!) of inventory, and a mailing station for filling orders.

It’s clearly a working studio; I wanted the space to be simple and clean, without a lot of decoration. Since I strongly prefer a neutral space without a lot of color when I’m designing, we’ve kept almost everything white. And we’re still putting the finishing touches on the space, but it feels great to be working at those big windows, looking out over industrial Brooklyn and the changing light of the day.


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  1. What a nice large studio feel and look. I am sure it puts you in a very productive mood. Love all the light!

  2. It looks so fresh and inspiring. How lucky you are!!! Congrats on the new space.

  3. Liesl, lucky you. It looks like the perfect space.

  4. It must feel so very satisfying to see your space come true. Congratualtions!

  5. Lovely studio, especially the child sized table and chairs near your work table. very montessori!
    way to go!

  6. I love how it’s coming together! And you make me miss our old shelves!

  7. I am very jealous. I design, package, and sometimes fall asleep in a tiny spare bedroom in our town home.

    Your studio is amazing!


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