happy accidents

This sample top recently returned from the pattern grader, and I was surprised at how much I like that little bit of contrast fabric that got added to the neckband now that I see it again. I had cut the band too short (it was an early test pattern and I think I eyeballed the neckband rather than create a pattern piece for it), so I grabbed the nearest available fabric to fix the problem.

At first it looked wrong to me, but now I sort of like that fun little pop. I may use this idea again the next time I sew the pajamas.

The Bedtime Story pajamas are designed to be a beginning-level pattern for someone who may have sewn one or two projects before but hasn’t necessarily followed a pattern yet. They would be a good project for for a sewing class, too.

One bedtime last spring, Tsia (the “S” of Oliver + S) was out of clean pajamas, and I happened to have a size 3 pajama pattern cut out. She stayed up a little later than usual, and I was able to sew and finish the pajamas in approximately an hour. They’re that easy. (Well, and I’m a pretty fast sewer, too.)

She needs a new pair for winter. Flannel this time. With that little contrast at the neckband and tie, I think.


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  1. Hi!

    I’m fairly new to reading your blog – but wanted to let you know I recently ordered this pattern!

    I have since finished four sets for my little ones and their cousin to be surprised with on Christmas Eve!

    I’ll be posting it in a couple of weeks including how much I loved your pattern! It took me a bit longer than an hour! But, I was able to do one set each day during nap time – so yes, still very quick.

    I used flannel and these turned out super cute – thanks for the great pattern!

  2. That is a very cute little touch. I still am needing to conquer my goal of making at least one of every pattern you design. I think these are about to be moved up to the top of the queue!

  3. Very cute, and I agree, such an easy put together look even for bedtime. Wonderful. I cannot wait to finish with all of my Christmas things, so I can start sewing for my children. Thank you for the wonderful pictures and patterns.

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