we’re moving!

Don’t you just love Google Maps? The concept is so amazing; you can zoom right in on nearly any location you like and see a satellite photo with unbelievable clarity.

Yesterday morning I plugged in the address of the new Ikea store in Red Hook, Brooklyn, before we boarded the water taxi that dropped us off at the back door so we could pick up some last-minute items for S’s preschool classroom. And if I punch in our home address I can zoom right in on our apartment building, where the photo shows our roof half finished (the photo is a couple of years old).

Well, here’s an old Google Maps photo of the building where we’re moving the studio. Tomorrow! We’ve found a lovely corner studio with tons of light and a very peaceful, quiet location. Our landlord, who occupies the two floors below us, is a men’s shirt and tie manufacturer.

Here is a photo of our new space. This one isn’t from Google Maps, and I had to stitch together a few different shots to show you the whole picture.

So update your files for us: our new address is 35 Meadow Street, #316, Brooklyn, NY 11206. Even the address sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? Our phone number and other contact information will remain the same, and with the new space we’re planning to offer some classes and a few other surprises in the near future. Stay tuned!



  1. R

    Ecstatic for you way out here in the West. Love the hardwood floors and the lighting! I can already imagine the lovely setting for your Studio creativity!

  2. It looks lovely! If I ever get to the NY area, I’ll be sure to come see it in person. 🙂

  3. It looks beautiful.. I love those windows! And Meadow Street is a lovely address. Welcome to Brooklyn!

  4. What a beautiful space!

  5. So beautiful! Happy creating!

  6. Beautiful. Congrats. Nothing like moving right before Market! See you there.

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