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Liberty fabrics are all the rage these days, not just among crafters, but also in the fashion industry. All the top magazines seem to be featuring Liberty prints, as you can see from these tearsheets I’ve collected over the past few months.

Of course, sewers have long appreciated these amazing fabrics. The cotton has a lightweight, silky hand, and the prints are beautifully executed and amazingly detailed. I first encountered Liberty lawn in my early 20’s when I came across rolls of the luxurious lawn in a dusty corner bin at B&J; Fabrics one day after work. Back then I couldn’t afford to purchase suitable work clothing for myself, so saved up birthday money and spent my evenings stitching wool suits and skirts. But when I found those amazing prints I knew I aspired to them. I still carry around swatches and splurge whenever I have the opportunity.

One of the great things about making kids’ clothing is that they don’t take much fabric, so although the Liberty prints are more expensive than most cottons, they’re still affordable in the small quantities needed for little dresses and tops. The Bubble Dress lends itself especially well to Liberty fabric; the weight of the fabric is perfect for the lined dress. This one was sewn by Keri of A Bookish Life for her little daughter, C (be sure to click that link–you’ve got to see her adorable face).

I love how simultaneously timeless and modern the dress looks. Again, one of the great things about Liberty; it never goes out of style.

(Keri’s photo is used with her permission. Thanks, Keri!)


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  1. I have loved Liberty prints since I started sewing for my oldest (almost 13 years ago now). It is timeless, as you said. All three of my girls have worn the clothes I’ve made with Liberty fabrics.

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