puppet show tunic: little details

The Puppet Show Tunic has lots of little details that make it different from most children’s clothing you see in stores.

At first, this pattern had a gathered skirt. But as I pushed the design a bit (nothing like the stress of a deadline to add inspiration to a design, hmmm?), I changed it to a curved seam with two little darts in the skirt. The darts add fullness, making the skirt stand out a little from the body without being too flouncy or frilly. I like the way it curves over the rounded belly of a toddler, too, so that it doesn’t constrict or prevent movement.

The cuffs are easy to sew; when they’re open, they’re a simple rectangle of fabric with a space between the ends.

When buttoned, the gap forms a little pleat that adds volume and dimension to the sleeve. This detail is actually much easier to sew than the more traditional sleeve placket, and it looks cute, too!




  1. This is so lovely! I really like all of the details like the collar and the sleeve buttons. Nice work.

  2. I love the details. I made sure I have the pattern (in all sizes) in my collection. it is one of my favorites. but then, they ALL…
    thanks for a lovely sewing experience,

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