oh yes

I gave you a Before teaser and then never posted the After photos! So sorry. Actually, I’ve been procrastinating because my photos didn’t turn out very well and I was secretly hoping they would miraculously improve if I let them sit on my desktop for a while. I think I confused them with green tomatoes or bananas or something.

Oddly, they didn’t get any better. But you can still get the idea.

And I negected to photograph the newest element in our booth: we bought an industrial laundry cart (the kind found at your local laundromat) to use for displaying patterns and for hanging garments. It’s very cute and rather practical. If it weren’t so big (by New York standards) I would use it in our design studio, but in our current location it would eliminate the option of walking. We’ll forego the cart for the time being.




  1. Your display looks lovely – clean and fresh. I love it.

  2. Liesl!!! Those are AMAZING!!!!! I love every single one of them to death. You have done such a fantastic job – just gorgeous.

  3. Aude

    I do not sew… but upon discovering your blog and patterns I am itching to learn!

  4. I loved your cart and your booth. You are smashing.
    Happy sewing.

  5. Can’t wait to try them! I love your patterns!

  6. SShaw

    Such cute, classic designs and fabric choices. I want to make them all!

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