puppet show shorts

This may very well be my favorite piece in our first collection. I designed these shorts for Tsia (aka “S”) last year, and she wore the prototype all summer long. They looked so cute that I knew they had to be included in the line.

Initially we called these the “bloomer shorts,” but we were afraid the name might be a bit confusing and too long (there are only so many words you can fit comfortably on the pattern envelope, after all). Still, the combined name really is an excellent description of the design; they’re more shorts than bloomers, but they have a little bit of gathering at the leg openings that hints at bloomers without being too old-fashioned. In fact, I think they’re downright modern. I’ve seen several high-fashion grown-up versions of shorts like these on the runway over the past few seasons, and they’re adorable, although perhaps not quite as adorable on me as on those chopstick-legged models. Or on little girls.

The shorts are also very simple to make. One of the downsides to combining our patterns into outfits is that one difficulty rating applies to the entire outfit. Thus, the puppet show outfit is ranked a “three scissors” difficulty. (In truth, however, it’s not really a difficult style; it just takes a bit more time and patience because of the sleeves and cuffs.) The shorts by themselves would probably be rated a one- or two-scissors difficulty level. They’re quite simple to make and come together very quickly.

Here they are in action last summer. (The tunic isn’t my design.)

Please note that there is one correction to the pattern: before attaching the bias binding at the leg opening, be sure to trim one end of the binding by 1 1/2″ to allow for the gathering and bloomer effect.

See our errata page for a diagram of the correction and for updates and revisions to the other patterns.

We’re already breaking out the bloomer shorts at our house; today it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s!




  1. Your pattern line is divine. I am already working to persuade my husband to allow me to (try to) conceive a girl so that I can dress her in your designs, but in the meantime I am longing, longing for your boys’ designs to be released. Are you expecting this to be fall 08?

  2. I found the shorts to come together very quickly. And the fit is absolutely perfect for my sweetheart.

  3. Katie

    I own this pattern but want to make a size 6! Do you have any sizing addendums to the pattern? Or a recommendation on how much length to add? Thanks in advance!

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