sssupermodels: touring the country!

As much as we love our own illustrated paper doll packaging at Oliver + S, we think it’s also nice to see how the actual garments will look when finished.

To that end, I’ve just created a Flickr group where everyone can post photos of garments made using Olvier + S patterns. I love to see how fabric and trim choices can completely change the appearance of a garment, and seeing how other people have interpreted a pattern is great way to be inspired to try something different in your own sewing. Plus, sometimes it’s just fun to show off something you’ve made!

In order to help shops do a little showing off of their own, we’ve created two trunk shows that will be travelling all over the country, accompanied by an Oliver + S supermodel to meet crafters and to show off the spring/summer collection.

You can see the S girls here, posing for a quick shot before a rainstorm. Poor little Scout back there in the navy floral Bubble Dress (all the S girls have names that begin with S, of course) is actually a size 12-18 month baby, but two of her sisters were out on a photo shoot (seriously) and she gracefully filled in for them.

These supermodels are showing off the Moda trunk show:

Sari is sporting the Tea Party Sundress in Moda’s American Jane “Wee Play” collection, available right now: the polka dots print, item #21083-15, in light blue, and floral daisy #21080-14 in light blue.

Dear little Scout holds her own in the Bubble Dress in “Wee Play” floral daisy #21080-14 in navy

Samantha shows us the Swingset tunic in Moda’s Urban Chiks “Swell” (#31030-17) in Cherry and skirt in Purl Patchwork’s Cake Rock Beack “Net of Jewels” (Moda #12551-13) in Ruby.

And Stephanie adores her Puppet Show tunic with a polka dot print from “Look and Learn” #21073-21 in red, and solid red fabric from “Net of Jewels” (#12551-13) in Ruby. Her shorts are made from a natural linen but would also look adorable in a print or solid fabric.

Our models will be back soon to show you their second outfits, part of the Michael Miller Organics collection. Stay tuned. Because supermodels don’t like to be kept waiting.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi liesl.

    When are the pattens available for th public to purchase from your site?


  2. Hi Heather! Tomorrow, March 13, the site is going to start taking orders. The patterns have all arrived, and we’re ready to go. Cheers!

  3. I love seeing your designs in fabric! The drawings are so lovely but it’s even better in wearable form. Can’t wait to sew mine!

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