in miniature

Remember that paper doll we were handing out at Quilt Market last October?

Well, how cute are these? Miniature versions of the paper doll, in postcard form! We’re sending these to shops who book our trunk shows as a promotional tool; they can send the postcards to customers or keep them at the counter as a takeaway to announce the show.

I haven’t tried to cut out the little doll and her dresses because they’re awfully small. Or, as S would say, they’re “teeny-tiny.” But if you had a lot of patience and a steady hand they could be lots of fun.

Paper doll number two (A boy! Hurray!) is on his way to the illustrator today. I’m sure he’ll be just as adorable as the S doll, and he’s based on a playmate and downstairs neighbor. We’ll call him “Oliver,” I suppose, although the real Oliver lives just a few buildings away. Eventually we’ll have all our friends and neighbors involved in this company in one way or another.

My weary husband plays a big role in the running of this little operation as well, although he probably won’t be showing up as a paper doll anytime soon, cute as he is. Today while he was attending to a potential computer problem he referred to it as a PICNIC error. Want to know what that is?

“Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.”

Unfortunately I was the one sitting at the time.




  1. Oh, the PICNIC error is a common one around here…

  2. Just found you via Angry Chicken. I LOVE your paper doll patterns. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  3. Here from Angry Chicken also. The paper dolls are too cute!

  4. okay…how do i get a postcard?? these are tooo adorable!! love the paperdoll theme, those were my favorite childhood toy!!

    by the way, love your patterns!! but i do love the paperdoll more!! can i please, please, please get a postcard?? 🙂

  5. just bought the bubble dress pattern @ a local quilt store…

    i can’t wait to make it…
    i will post some pics. on flickr when i finish!

    thanks for the unique and sweet design!

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