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digital have it all wallet sewing pattern

digital have it all wallet sewing pattern
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Who says you can't have it all? With this sleek, versatile wallet you can take everything with you while keeping it all neat and organized. Featuring pockets for credit cards, bills, checkbook, coupons, and a zippered pocket for coins and other loose items, this wallet lets you organize that mess of stuff in your handbag and snap it neatly closed with either of two cute flaps.


  • Digital Patterns

    This style is provided as a digital pattern. It may be printed on home printers using either 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 paper. When you complete your order, you will be provided with a unique code to instantly download the pattern. See our digital product policy for full details.

    What You'll Need

    44/45"-wide quilting cotton, linen, or other lightweight woven fabrics:

    • 1/2 yd or 1 fat quarter fabric A (outside of wallet)
    • 1/2 yd fabric B (interior pockets)
    • 5" x 5" scrap fabric C (bow, View 1)

    1/2 yd of 20"-wide lightweight, non-woven fusible interfacing (we have had success with Thermoweb non-woven HeatNBond light-weight iron-on fusible interfacing, Q2414)

    9" x 13" piece of extra firm woven sew-in interfacing (we have used Thermoweb woven StitchNSew extra firm sew-in interfacing, Q2447)

    One coordinating regular (coil) zipper 7" long or longer

    Coordinating thread

    One sew-in or set-in snap (approximately 7/16" diameter — size 3 sew-in or size 16 set-in)

    Finished Measurements

    7 1/4" w x 4 1/4" h x 1/2" d

    have it all wallet sewing pattern
  • Average rating: (4.7 of 5) based on 23 reviews

    A really lovely pattern
    Reviewed by on 01/10/2017
    I really like this pattern - it makes a lovely wallet and I'm absolutely sure I'll be making more as gifts. I did get stuck on one aspect of the pattern (setting in a snap) but I had a prompt response to my problem which immediately helped me to see where I'd missed a step which is in the pattern guide. And I proceeded to make the wallet from start to finish that evening. Having made my first wallet, I think I will use even firmer interfacing for the outer part, and perhaps the accordian pocket, next time but that's just about the ways one starts to personalise and change things to a pattern when it's a delight to sew. As has been indicated with other reviews, the hard part is making fabric choices!
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    Have it all over the floor...
    Reviewed by on 12/19/2016
    My mum sewed this up before I did, following the pattern exactly, and discovered a design fault: when you open the wallet and fold it back on itself to use the coin pocket, the part with your cards in gets turned upside down. Her cards ended up all over the floor of a local shop! When I made the pattern up I turned the card pockets around so they face the other way. This has helped but there are still a few issues with the design. The zipped pocket needed some very heavyweight interfacing to stiffen it so that the zip could be easily opened and closed. I think the lining at the flap should be slightly smaller than the outer piece, so that it sits right when folded - I found the flap pulled upwards against the snap when shut, and could only remedy it with a lot of hand-stitching to both shape the flap and keep the lining in place (hand-quilting-style stitches all the way through the flap, a bit like a tailor would do to shape the inner parts of a jacket collar etc). This was a fairly quick and easy sew but my search for a stylish and practical wallet pattern continues.
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    cute wallet
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 12/17/2016
    That pattern is very clearly written. I was rather intimidated at the idea of making a wallet but with the step by step instructions it was actually a fun project. I am looking forward to making a few more. I want one for myself, the hardest part will be finding the material that I want for it. I did modify the direction of the cc pockets after reading another poster's review.
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    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 10/05/2016
    I can't say how much I loved this pattern. It was so easy to follow, and the instructions were much easier to follow than a store-bought pattern. The small size of this project made printing the pattern pieces out at home a breeze. I followed all the directions and bought the super thick interfacing, which I would definitely recommend. I've been using my wallet for a month now and it works so well. I've been showing it off to anyone who will listen. Loved it!
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    Great wallet!
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 08/15/2016
    Pattern is thorough and easy to follow, with lots of options to customize by choosing different fabrics. Amount of different pockets is great; the wallet may be a bit floppy if interfacing is substituted.
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    Great pattern
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 05/08/2016
    A great pattern. Love the fact that it can be made funky with beautiful fabrics. My first one is nearly finished.
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    Have It All wallet!
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 03/11/2016
    Great pattern, fun to sew! Makes a really special gift. Will definitely make more than one!
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    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 03/04/2016
    This was a fantastic pattern, easy to follow, interesting and fun and very satisfying! What a lovely wallet. Thank you so much!
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    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 02/13/2016
    excellent pattern with easy to follow instructions. turned out great, love the wallet and will make more
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    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 01/30/2016
    This wallet had everything my daughter wanted in a wallet and it was simple to make and the directions were easy to follow. Thanks for having it in PDF format, I hate waiting for something to arrive in the mail.
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    Have it All Wallet
    Reviewed by on 11/30/2015
    I like being able to instantly print the pattern when I make a purchase. The instructions were easy to follow with illustrations to help guide you through each step

    I have made a lot of wallets. Even designed my own wallet that I have loved and made a dozen to match bags I have made. But saw this one and wanted some thing new. I LOVE IT. great pattern easy to follow and wallet comes out great! Can't wait to make more!
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    Manageable even for beginners
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 11/01/2015
    This is the first pattern I ever bought and the first time I'm sewing something with zippers and interfacing. The instructions were very clear and any part that I couldn't understand on the first reading or first attempt was probably due to my own amateur sewing skills :)
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    LOVE my new wallet!
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 10/05/2015
    I like being able to instantly print the pattern when I make a purchase. The instructions were easy to follow with illustrations to help guide you through each step.

    I looked at dozens of patterns for wallets before choosing this one. I think I made the right choice! It turned out great!
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    Have It All Wallet
    Reviewed by on 09/04/2015
    Great pattern easy to understand instructions have made 2 with a few more to go, Christmas gifts!
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    Great Pattern, Great Wallet!
    Reviewed by (Verified Buyer) on 07/11/2015
    I needed a new wallet and I love Oliver and S so I went for this one also designed by Liesl! I was not disappointed!
    It was easy to print and put together with minimal taping of pages. The instructions were fantastic. There is so much space in this wallet with all the pockets and card slots. My previous wallet was over stuff but now it's spread out nicely and I can easily see and find everything :)
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    Nice Wallet
    Reviewed by on 07/03/2015
    Love how mine turned out except that I used soft and stable for the wallet. If you use anything very thick for the main wallet to give it structure, don't forget to reduce the size of the lining because of the turn of the cloth. I am getting a lot of buckling because of that. I remembered to cut away for the length, but forgot about the width. :(
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    great fun
    Reviewed by on 05/17/2015
    Made the wallet in a couple of hours. Instructions clear and easy to follow. I did trace the pattern pieces rather than cut up the original. Also used a strip of touch-and-close tape rather than the snap fastener and it works very well. Only slight drawback is that if you're getting coins out then unless you're careful your cards are upside down and at risk of falling out. Will modify pattern if I make another one.
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    Have It All Wallet
    Reviewed by on 05/05/2015
    This pattern is very detailed and flows nicely. I had a little trouble following around step 14, mainly because the pieces are named so similarly. I chose to place my bottom snap prior to sewing the outside wallet pieces together. I did not want it show through the accordian pocket. Placement was difficult. Also, I did not place the top snap low enough on upper lip and it puckers up a bit. I added a driver's license slot to the front of the accordian pocket because that is a feature of current wallets that I really like and would miss on this pattern. I would definately use heavey weight stablizer on the wallet. I used medium/heavy weight fuzable stablizer and it doesn't feel as durable as manufactored wallets. This is the third wallet pattern that I have made and is by far the easiest, most detailed pattern I have used. With a few tweeks, it is easy to perfect and is a nice, useable product.
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    Best Wallet Ever!
    Reviewed by on 04/17/2015
    This pattern is fantastic! The instructions are super easy to follow with great diagrams for nearly every step. The pattern itself is so clever! I have made probably half a dozen different wallets before, and this by far is my favorite pattern.
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    Reviewed by on 01/02/2015
    Really pleased with the finished result. The instructions were very easy to follow. Thank you.
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    Have it all Wallet review
    Reviewed by on 11/18/2014
    This is a great pattern that sews up elegantly and comes together pretty quick. It could be improved by simply listing all the various sizes of rectangles that need to be cut instead of having to cut out template pieces. I found myself doing that anyway before I began. I also increased the width of the pieces by 1/2 inch all around as the card pockets were a little too snug for me.
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    have it all wallet
    Reviewed by on 11/16/2014
    I have made 7 of the wallet and only had to change one thing. I added heavier sew in facing for the back. The original was not thick enough. T am going to try to add another flap for credit cards going the other direction and sewn in under the bottom of the original cc pocket. The directions and pics were very easy to follow and well written. Plan to make more for gifts. Love it!!!!
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    The BEST pattern Ever!!!!
    Reviewed by on 11/05/2014
    I have recommend these patterns to all my friends. I am using the pattern to make Christmas gifts for my knitting friends and I would highly recommend to others. The pattern is easy to follow, instructions are clear, and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely purchase patterns again. Jennifer
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