Bucket Hat: trouble as I attach fabric B cap over fabric A cap

  1. kidpt2b

    link · posted 11 months ago

    As I did the final step of attaching fabric B cap over the fabric A cap, I found that the cap had too much fabric as I was attaching it to the brim and I had to gather it a bit to fit it...I am wondering what I did wrong and how I can fix it on a future hat...

  2. with love Heidi

    link · posted 11 months ago

    Did you fold up the seam allowances on the cap? If you were trying to match with the sam allowance out this may give you too much fabric.
    A Little Gray has a fantastic tutorial for making the bucket hat with no hand sewing. I use this method with all the bucket hats I make.
    Part 1: http://alittlegray.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/lttsa-bucket-hats-part-1.html
    Part 2: http://alittlegray.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/lttsa-bucket-hats-part-2.html
    Part 3: http://alittlegray.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/lttsa-bucket-hats-part-3-look-no-hand.html

  3. kidpt2b

    link · posted 11 months ago

    I did fold up the seam allowance but maybe not enough? Thank you for help. I am going to check out the tut you recommended:)

  4. LightningMcStitch

    link · posted 11 months ago

    I also do it without any hand sewing and use Heat and Bond iron on tape to set the second cap in place then topstitch the two together. As well as checking the seam allowance it also helps to do the hand sewing (or sticky ironing :)) using a rolled up towel or hat "ham" to keep it in shape.
    Good luck.

  5. LightningMcStitch

    link · posted 5 months ago

    I've finally taken some photos and written up my version of no hand sewing the Bucket Hat


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