Center back seam?

  1. losabia

    link · posted 11 months ago

    Has anyone tried seaming the back of the dress to try to avoid the snip-and-tuck into the yoke? I ironed some interfacing to that point on my daughter's dresses, which have held up fine, but I'd like to make one as a gift and don't want the raw edge to creep out. Sweet recipient has a largish noggin and I think it would see more stress than my kid's dresses.

    Lisa K.

  2. Sarvi

    Moderator link · posted 11 months ago

    I haven't tried it, but a friend suggested a discreet bar tack for reinforcement if you think that spot will see extra wear.

  3. KarenK

    Forum Moderator link · posted 11 months ago

    on the last Ice Cream I made I followed the instructions for the small stitches that attach the two back yoke pieces and then I attached the outer yoke to the dress and hand stitched the lining down. You could also pin carefully and topstitch catching the lining on the underside. It was the most secure and tidy one I've done yet, no tricks or tucking and after several washes and wears it's still holding strong. Does explaination that make sense? Here is a picture:

  4. meleliza

    link · posted 11 months ago

    I haven't added a center back seam, though you could if you want. However, I always enlarge the head opening. Either I use a small facing to create the opening or a slash a little and close it with bias binding like a keyhole. Both ways work well and there is no awkward bit at the bottom of the opening.

  5. losabia

    link · posted 11 months ago

    Thanks, ladies! I think I'll probably opt to lengthen the opening. Kid is soooo cute, with a head like a lollipop, haha!

  6. MimmySews

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    I have extended the opening past the yoke and into the body of the dress, then added a placket. This makes it easier for my granddaughter to get into the dress.


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