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    Veronica @verotjioe

    Hi, Liesl! Thank you so much for responding. I do hope you are feeling better!

    Enbee, what I ended up doing was lowering the neckline by 1/8″ (essentially moving the seam line down to the 5/8″ mark”) which added an extra inch to the neck. I also added an inch to both front pieces at the center front, so that they actually overlapped. Since I had already cut out the collar/band patterns at the incorrect size I added 1 1/2″ at the center fold on the fold (so 3 total). I did end up taking a little bit of bagginess out of the side seams, but overall everything worked out great and the fit is perfect! Looking forward to cranking out more of these now that the headache of adjustments is complete! Hope you find the right fixes as well!

    Cheers and Happy New Years to you both!

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