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    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    There are some great tutorials on here, that will give you a good start for doing patten adjusting and FBA.

    I recently purchased and made the Cappuccino Dress, which has details on an FBA and the fit was amazing!!

    How to make a muslin


    Blending between sizes


    Finding your correct size in a pattern


    I used all of these as a guide (along with the instructions in the pattern) to assist me to contour the pattern to fit, and blend around all of my body parts that are not teeny tiny like a 16 year old model!! 🙂

    As Carol said, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be gained from the internet.

    So have fun.


    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Okay, so as promised I have uploaded some pictures.

    I ended up going with snaps rather than a zipper and I am happy with the result!


    The front section


    I added 6 snaps to each side, that stop about two thirds of the way down from the collar to the pockets.


    The camera focussed on my thumb, but I sewed a few stitches in between each snap on the front, as they are on the inside and I didn’t want to see them from the outside, nor to have the panel flip out or have a seam down the front.


    I did a full FBA, and also blended between sizes in the middle and arms to accommodate my figure…

    It is the best fit of anything I have ever made for myself ever!! 🙂


    I mostly followed the instructions for assembling the dress, however I went off on a tangent for the front panel.

    I overlocked my edges so the snaps would work without having to do a double fold on the snaps.

    The underside (side panels) were blended to the next size to gain the extra “fold” for the snaps and to sit under the front panel rather than next to it.

    The side was sewn folded then snaps added


    The centre section was folded once, then snaps added to the underside only.

    For the collar, I sewed the centre on, then the back/sides. Right at the centre, I sewed the extra width for the sides under the front panel.

    It was hairy to do and took a practice run (made from an old doona cover) to nut out how to do it.

    Overall, I am happy. It works well both as a nursing dress and also for expressing at work.

    It is super comfy and the dress is easy to make as per instructions, but I definitely recommend a practice before cutting in to your good fabric!! 🙂

    Happy to answer questions if I have totally confused you.

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Okay, although I seem to have forgotten what I actually did with the crown.

    I didn’t turn it through (now that I pulled it out of the toy box), but sewn the top zig zag, joined the short ends, added a piece of elastic then bound the bottom edge!!

    (I clearly went bias binding mad that day!!)

    Here is the whole ensemble now getting a bit snug as he is heading into the next size, still plenty of room to put over two other tops this winter morning though


    How I finished the back of the crown


    My basic traced pattern for the top, although I think you would get more wear using the LBTTS apron


    The whole thing would have taken about an hour including ironing the endless amounts of bias binding!

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    I just remembered one I did for my almost 3 year old at the start of the year…

    It’s a Knight’s costume, which was really folding a larger tshirt in half lengthways, tracing around the out side and adding a bit more width for room.

    I didn’t worry about sleeves and used green bias binding for the sleeve holes. For the neck I added a v-slit in the front to get over his head and bound the lot.

    I just made it out of a navy light weight woven, and cut out a chunky + of felt and zig zagged it to the front (before I sewed the top together).

    For the crown I measured around his head, and drew a long rectangle (about an 1″ longer), and the height I wanted for the peaks on paper then drew a zig zag pattern on the top. I cut it out and then cut out two bits of fabric with extra room for seams. I sewed it up, left the ends open, snipped all the points and valleys and turned it through, sewed it closed with an elastic added in the back.

    I think the LBTTS apron would also suit the purpose for the top well as it could be taken off without too much assistance.

    It was pretty quick to make for a princess & prince party. I made it on the basis that Princes can be knights, and it was 40c+ (104f) so a lightweight top & shorts would do well. That and I had just had my bub two weeks earlier and couldn’t be bothered!!

    I loved how it turned out, and he wore it with the crown all day! It has made a few appearances since too 🙂

    (I can snap a pic if you are interested)

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Hi Sonja,

    I think I can help with this one…

    The little triangles on the seam lines (notches) are for matching pattern pieces together.

    You can do a number of things, it is just personal preference.

    Cut the triangle inwards, be sure to stay within seam allowances

    Cut the triangle outwards

    Snip where the triangle is (my prefered way)

    Mark with tailors chalk, dissolvable pen etc..

    Good luck 🙂

    Oh, Liesl has a few videos on youtube to watch to boost your confidence too!!

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Hi Nicole, it’s a mix.

    It is run by a guy and his mum, they have big signs up for Estate clearances or something…

    They have clothes, furniture, outdoor planters, toys, crockery the usual stuff 🙂

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Thanks for the post Sophie.

    I went out there today (wrong side of town to me)… Oh my what a collection, I had no idea where to start or stop.

    Wool for $6 a metre!!!

    To give you an idea of how cheap this place was…

    7 metres of the softest knits ever

    3 metres of denim

    3 metres of jumper fleece

    2 metres of a stretch lace (ribbon stuff)

    and 2 zips for my patient shopping buddy (y 2 year old son!!)


    That’s ridiculous

    Anyway, off to Brunswick tomorrow. I found another potential…

    Thanks Ladies, and I recommend making the trip to sunshine.

    (There is also a huge (very over crowded) second hand store up the end of the street, for those that love looking through old gear!)

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Wow that’s nuts!!!

    Clearly I undercharge per hour!! 🙂

    I have made a spreadsheet (just ’cause I like making them) to calculate what it would cost to sell.

    Whenever I do sell (to friends who demand to pay), it’s just at cost of materials so not $103!! More like $23 🙂

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Thank you all once again. You have given me plenty of ideas of things to try.

    I will piece together the pattern tonight and get started on a muslin.

    Each of you have provided great links, and ideas and feedback and I hope that I end up with something that is up to the quality you all inspire!!


    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Thanks heaps ladies, you always seem to amaze me at the wealth of knowledge!

    I think I will be spending my spare time today clicking through links 🙂

    (Oh, no I am not in the US. I am in Melbourne, Australia)

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Just saw this post… 2 pairs of size 14 boys school pants will make a size 3 Field trip cargo pants!!

    Original pants were worn on the knees, (so excluding the middles of the front pant legs), this is what I had left over:

    Two top backs, one top front, and the waist band of both pairs. If I used the original belt loops I would have had more left over fabric, same with the pocket linings.

    The grey pants with cyan blue stitching looks quite good too!! A nice pair of wool blend pants coming in to winter again!!

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Sailboat in knit as Heidi said does not need to be undone. I made one earlier this week for my 2.5 year old and it goes over his noggin no worries 🙂

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    I have another one, which would also e handy on the blog…

    A “back to top” hovering link type f thing, as some pages can be quite long and not having to scroll back up to the top when done would be handy!!

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    new tab, and the reply idea is a good one too.

    Little_Anj @Little_Anj

    Ooh, great idea!!

    Option 1 as a 2 yard cutting!!

    Option 3 would be fun, but I am not sure what I would do with more bits of fabric…

    Oh yes I do, If they coordinate I need to do a quilt, they would also be good for Hats, wallets, hair bows & head bands. Highlight (colour blocking) for simpler garments…

    You have patterns for all those things on here anyway (minus head bands, but making yo-yo’s is easy enough).


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