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    • I just made the Gallery tunic in a size 12. It looks and feels wonderful but it doesn’t quite fit right around the bust. I’ve also made the Cappucino tunic in a size 12 and it fit perfectly so I didn’t make a muslin of this one first (though I should have). At first I thought I needed a bicep adjustment but after some research I think that fits. I also figured out that my bust size and upper bust size are the same (I am a cup size A) and maybe that is the problem. The solution? Should I make a size larger, or should I do a increase the shoulder heigh (or the front and back shoulder slope)?
      I did try lowering the armscye and that has helped the biceps but it’s still too tight under the arms and given the mild drag lines from centre front to the armscyes, probably the bust too.
      Grateful for any feedback.


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