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  • Thank you for the replies! If I were to try and do a mash up of two sizes like one of you suggested tracing the 18-24 through the armhole and then doing the 2 T for width of belly area and height, would I need to do the 2T tulip sleeves? I did the muslin with one of the sleeves (the 2T size) and it still looks big.

    I know other people wouldn’t…[Read more]

  • Thanks, Sarvi. The 18/24 month size does not have darts. It really fits great for right now which makes me wonder it will be on the small side in June. Problem is that the 2T will still be big in June, I believe. I don’t think she will grow enough in the chest area in four months given her latest trend.

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  • I chose this dress to make for my daughter’s second birthday in June. She is 19 inches(chest) and 19 3/4 (waist). According to her measurements she should be a size 12-18 so I made a muslin bodice and it felt too tight. OK, I made the next size up 18-24 and it fits perfectly…right now…but it doesn’t look like it has any room to grow and she is…[Read more]

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    Thanks, Yirg, for asking on my behalf. I was actually able to find a paper copy on amazon (US) and will get it by tomorrow. It is going to be my daughter´s birthday dress (in June, so plenty of time for practice). I´m excited and intimidated by the difficulty but these patterns have come highly recommended. I hope I can make the pattern justice.

  • Thank you! I’ll try that. Did you end up leaving the darts off the one you made for your daughter (I was reading through the posts today)?

    My LO has had the same chest size for at least 4 months now, if not more. She did grow from beginning of December to now but she is on the shorter side so length is not going to be a problem. I just worry…[Read more]

  • My daughter is 20 months and I’m planning her birthday outfit (I need plenty of time to sew since I don’t have that much time with a full time job besides parenting). Her chest measurement is 19 but her waist measurement is 21 (as of a few weeks ago). What size should I maker for her? In other pdfs I’ve been making the 18-24 size but looking at…[Read more]

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