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  • fat toad joined the group Group logo of Sew AlongsSew Alongs 7 years ago

    • help, help!! i am making the sailboat pants in age 4 and i am having big leg problems! the front of the pants are much narrower than the back, it’s almost like they are a totally different size. I bought the pattern online and printed it off very carefully, I have triple checked and I cut out exactly where the age 4 size was marked for the front and back but they are massively different in width, am I being a donkey or has anyone else had this problem??! please help a newbie someone, thankyou x

    • Janet replied 6 years ago

      Hi B.T.,

      Did you get an answer to the difference in leg widths? I haven’t bought a pattern yet but was encouraged by a friend to buy the
      (first) book.


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