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    Liz @blacktabi

    I was a little worried about the gauze holding up, but picking carefully and steaming made the gauze good as new. I shortened the darts as much as seemed safe and I think they’re better now.

    I got caught up on drawing them in the first time – when I was fitting with the pattern pieces they seemed too short and low, so I re-did them. Clearly I should have trusted my instinct the first time around and left them alone. Now I know for next time!

    Now, off to finish my hem so I can update with a finished project. 🙂

    Liz @blacktabi

    I’m excited that we’ve reached the point where I can more easily try on pieces of the tunic. I loved this placket consteuction on the lullaby layette, so I’m excited to see it here!

    I noticed something unanticipated last night. When doing the FBA, I didn’t think to account for the pleat in the front when the placket is sewn, so my darts that used to end about 1″ away from the bust apex now wrap right around the front. I’m considering picking them out and redoing them, but not sure how well the double gauze would stand up to it so I may just chalk this one up to a learning experience.

    (apologies if this photo is huge, I’m still trying to figure out this forum software)

    Tunic with FBA

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