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  • Trying again, last pic as too big to upload.

  • Here’s a picture of the finished dress. Thanks again for all your help and advice! It sure made this project easier for me to tackle. The dress fit beautifully and the recipient was thrilled with it. I don’t thinks she’s ever had a dress that fit her very well, so she was really excited.

  • Wow, those Ice Cream dresses are BEAUTIFUL! My daughter gets baptized in 6 months and I’m totally using that pattern after seeing how gorgeous those fabrics are!

    I went over and measured the little girl. Her bust is 36 inches. Her waist and hips are also 36 inches wide and she is average height for an 8 year old. I debated using the Ice Cream…[Read more]

  • Thanks so much for all the ideas and input! What a great community! Now in regretting spending so many years lurking and never contributing!

    How do I not sew the waist band in place until the dress is fitted to her? I’ve made the dress three times and I topstitched it when the instructions told me too.

    I might consider doing the ice cream…[Read more]

  • Thank you Nicole! You are right – she needs width and a lot of it! I like your idea of slashing the front piece and adding fabric there. Can I do the same thing for the back bodice peice? Or do you think just adding in the front will loosen the dress enough?

  • I hope you guys can help me!

    I’ve been asked to sew a baptism dress for an 8 year old little girl, that is a size 14/16 youth. She is overweight and already developing, so the mom likes the style of the garden party dress to hide her buds.

    I made this dress in a size 10 for my daughter, so we tried the dress on her and it was tight. We…[Read more]


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