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  • Yes, I appreciate the difference between SA vs cut edge, although it’s helpful to know that the expected length difference is 1 inch. I do seem to have a bit too much length in the facing piece but I can make it work.

    Thanks so much for your replies!

  • I’m just understanding it wrong, I think.

    My fabrics are too dark to photograph clearly so I’ve attached a photo of the paper pattern pieces. I’ve laid out the pieces for the facing and lining right side up, aligned at the notch. My understanding is the outside curve of the back facing attaches to the inside curve of the lining neck, right…[Read more]

  • I’m having a (conceptual?) problem attaching the facing to the back lining. The length of the outer curve of the facing is about 6 cm longer than the curve of the lining neck, and I expected them to be the same length since the instructions say to first match the outer edges. Am I misunderstanding the instructions for how to arrange them? My…[Read more]

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