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    @liesl, thanks for your response. It makes sense what you are saying and am glad that you do make a few anyway. Thank you!

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    In case anyone else is looking I found a pattern on Jalie. I love the metro shirt package here at Olive and S and am looking forward to making those into hoodies for my crew for Christmas.

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    I wonder if any of you have ideas for me. I am sewing for two petite men and am really coming up short when i look for patterns for them. I just spent many hours trying to make a thread theory pattern work. Sadly after 3-4 revisions my son tried on the pair of shorts that I had finished, they looked really nice off, and they looked funky.…[Read more]

  • Hi~
    I am about to try my hand at making a custom dress for Halloween for my little one. I am using a Key hole back. In my mind I won’t be using a skirt placket but wanted to double check this before I start drafting the dress.


  • Hi
    I read through the link for the errata for these shorts. When it says look for the number in the box at the bottom. In my series of numbers that go from left to right it reads 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2
    Does the 2 at the very right mean printing 2? Thanks so much for clarifying. I am attempting to size up so want to make double sure I have the…[Read more]

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    Thank you Tamara! That totally helps. Will check those out.
    Good to know about samples, that will help him decide.

    And being that I had always wanted rtw looking clothes when my mom/grandma sewed for me, I totally get it and yes will pretty much do what it takes to perfect the look. Thankful to have the support here.

  • Hi~

    I am looking for some good quality material to make these cargo pants. We checked out JoAnn’s and didn’t find anything suitable. I am looking both for a shop online or local, I live in the US. Also, what is the type of material you have found success with? I will be making for an 11-year-old boy who wants the pants to look store bought. He is…[Read more]

  • Great! Thanks Liesl for the news. Can’t wait until it’s out.

  • I just bought my first Oliver+S pattern. Am impressed with the attention to detail. My garment for my daughter turned out top notch. My question for you all is about the Sketchbook pattern. My son (14 yo) is too big for this pattern, boo! Was wondering if anyone knows of a pattern by Oliver + S or similar (something top notch) that I can make a…[Read more]

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