apparel sewing basics with liesl gibson

apparel sewing basics with liesl gibson
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Brand: Stitch Workshop

Join Liesl Gibson, founder and chief designer of Oliver + S, in her Brooklyn studio as she shows you fundamental garment sewing techniques step-by-step in this informative and inspiring video workshop.


  • Description

    In this video, Liesl begins by helping you properly prepare to sew by gathering the right tools, selecting and pre-washing fabric, and preparing the pattern pieces. Next Liesl shows you all the basic seam techniques featured in most patterns from sewing curved and corner seams to gathering and ease stitching.

    Throughout the video Liesl shares her unique tips and tricks for successful garment sewing from her years of designer experience plus offers inspiring design advice through interview footage to encourage new sewists to be creative with their sewing.


    Getting Started

    1. Essential Tools and Supplies
    2. Fabric Selection
    3. Pre-washing Fabrics
    4. Fabric Grain

    Sewing Basics

    1. Preparing + Cutting Pattern Pieces
    2. Plain Seam
    3. Curved Seam
    4. Sewing Corners
    5. Edgestitching
    6. Gathering + Ease Stitching

    Bonus Interview with Liesl Gibson


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