Where to buy buttonhole elastic?

  1. sahmcolorado

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    I checked at JoAnn (our ONLY fabric store - ugh) and they didn't have it. Any suggestions?

  2. claireabel

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  3. Liesl Gibson

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    We've playedg with buttonhole elastic a little while ago, and I want to give you a little warning about using it:

    I sent S to school one day wearing a skirt (I forget which pattern--we were testing it at the time) with buttonhole elastic in the waistband. She came home wearing something else (fortunately we keep spare clothing at school for "accidents" like this) because one end of the elastic came unbuttoned and the elastic got sucked into the waistband. Her teacher didn't have time to go fishing for it, and the skirt wouldn't stay up without the elastic. Oops.

    So I've decided that the buttonhole elastic isn't worthwhile. After all, the reason ready-made clothing comes with buttonhole elastic is so the pants/skirt can be adjusted for a wide range of waist sizes. But one of the advantages of sewing is that you can make these adjustments yourself as you sew. If you make the elastic whatever length you need, children's waists don't grow all that much over the course of a year (or so). You probably won't need to adjust the elastic over that period of time, really.

    Just my two cents. I'm sure that it is useful in some instances, and someone can probably chime in with excellent reasons to use it.

  4. Nicole

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    Oh dear, what a thing to happen!
    I have been using this elastic for years, in my maternity clothes and my sons farm jeans. I appreciate what you are saying about altering patterns, and for smart outfits I completely agree. However, I sew pretty well all my children's clothes , and this clever product allows my son several years wear out of his pants( and if he goes through the knee's , they are cut off into shorts, so add another year!)
    I have not bothered using this elastic with your dear little skirts, but the construction of your sailboat pants is ideal for this purpose.
    Thankyou again for your excellent patterns.

  5. lattemama

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    I hear you on losing buttonhole (or any kind of) elastic in the waistline, Liesl. It's a pain.

    In Sweden I've seen some children's clothes brands use a buttonhole elastic that's the same length as the back waist and then they button it and sew the outer edge down outside the button (did that make sense). That way, even if the button is unbuttoned (or as I have had happen - the button falls out) the elastic will be accessible.

  6. Nicole

    Moderator link · posted 4 years ago

    What a fantastic idea, one would use less product as well, Thanks lattemama

  7. Liesl Gibson

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    That is a great idea! I'll pay more attention to clothing that has buttonhole elastic to see how manufacturers handle it. Sewing it to the garment would certainly make sense and would prevent mishaps like the one we experienced.

  8. sahmcolorado

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    Thanks, all. You're right, Liesl, I've been able to really extend the use of RTW pants on my kids by cinching in the elastic the first year and then letting it out the next. Just means they have rolled up pants for the first season! I'm mostly interested in buttonhole elastic for big loose pants like jammies that I typically sew for more than one year's use. For winter jammies, I like to add a tuck in the length of the leg and then take it out for the next year. I usually need a bit more room in the waist as well. I also like to cut off pants into shorts at the end of the season as mo5 mentioned. The other GREAT advantage to it is when my little guy wears disposable diapers - I can tighten up the waist a bit to keep his pants on. For play clothes, I'm happy to make them long and cinch up the waist and roll them or sew in a tuck in the length. That way I can use them the next year. I wouldn't bother for most skirts or other nice outfits either.

  9. MaryS

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  10. sahmcolorado

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    Thanks, MaryS. I did find some on eBay. I'll have to check out the site anyway - always like to know of sources!


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