made for kids month wrap-up

Whether you participated a little or a lot, it looked like everyone had fun playing along with Made for Kids Month in June. We did a round-up at the halfway point but here are even more wonderful Oliver + S clothing spotted in the Made for Kids Month Flickr group.

First up, _sarah_b_ contributed this Garden Party Dress sewn out of Lisette floral sateen.


#madeforkidsmonth wrap-up


Second, here is a Jump Rope Dress made by Amanda.


#madeforkidsmonth wrap-up


Next, we have Ren who made this Ruffled Halter.


#madeforkidsmonth wrap-up


Lastly, a customized School Bus T-shirt was sewn by Janice.


#madeforkidsmonth wrap-up




Special thanks to Rae for co-hosting. Many thanks to you for encouraging kids to wear handmade during the month of June. What does everyone think, should we do this again next year? If anyone has done a round-up or a photo mosaic please put a link in the comments section so we can all see!

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Cindy said...

I definitely think this should be an annual event! I had a lot of fun both participating and seeing what everyone else was posting. I was pleasantly surprised that for the most part at least one of my kids is wearing something I sewed everyday. I said nothing to them regarding the challenge (though they did catch on mid-way through the month) so it was eye opening to see what clothes they wore on a regular basis. The Oliver + S Sketchbook shorts proved to be popular. P wore his twice and so did MG. The Class Picnic shorts were another fave.

Here’s my photo mosaic:


Nicole said...

It worked very well for those over seas, not so easy for us Australians with children in school.
That said, I did enjoy the casual nature of just ‘snapping’ a shot.

Rachel said...

Nicole, I was wondering if people might be interested in another one in January?

Nicole said...

I think they would love it!

I know many girls were disappointed not to be able to join in,

Ren said...

I’m late to this, but here’s my recap:

I loved seeing my Peanut in handmade all month. I hope you make it an annual event!

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