happy thanksgiving!

We don’t take family photos very often. We should, but we just don’t. Maybe it’s because we take so many photographs for work. Thank goodness that our friend Rita insisted on taking this photo last week in Paris because we wanted to take a minute to personally thank you and to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


gibsons-paris-nov-2015Todd looks really cold, doesn’t he?


We’re so thankful for each of you in this little community of sewing enthusiasts and friends. It’s such a pleasure to be part of your lives and to share in your creative endeavors. Thank you for sharing with us! We love it when you post photos of your sewing and show us how you live creatively.

We’re also thankful for how you’ve reached out to us and become our friends. Many of you have helped us to get settled here in Madrid, and you’ve contacted us to offer suggestions or ideas when it comes to moving, learning a new language, travel, or as it relates to sewing and family. So although we won’t be eating turkey this year (I will still make a pumpkin pie!), we’ll be giving thanks for your friendship and for this community. Thank you, wherever you live. And whether you celebrate Thanksgiving Day or not!

cute costumes

Sometimes you come across something that is so cute, you just have to share it. Like these two costumes put together by Gina, a professional photographer in California.

October of every year is “Dress Up Willow Month” where Gina dresses up her toddler daughter every single day of the month. You can view all of the costumes on her popular Instagram account. We are thrilled that two of her costumes this year included Oliver + S patterns!

Can you guess which pattern was used for this Inspector Gadget outfit? Why it’s the Secret Agent Trench Coat!


Oliver + S Secret Agent Trench Coat Gina Lee Photography

Gina Lee Photography


And here you have a little Ms. Frizzle wearing an amazing dress that used the Jump Rope Dress pattern.


Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress Gina Lee Photography

Gina Lee Photography


Aren’t the costumes she puts together adorable? What a fun project! Thanks Gina for letting us share your talent. And our thanks to Jenny for calling our attention to these darling costumes!

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my favorite oliver + s pattern: meagan from ava’s lookbook

Here is the next installment of the “My Favorite Oliver + S Pattern” series. You may remember Meagan who blogs over at Ava’s Lookbook as she has contributed in the past here and here. Today she’s returning to talk all about her favorite Oliver + S pattern. Great to have you here again Meagan!


Oliver + S Lunch Box Tee


I’m so excited to be back on the blog; thanks for having me! Today I’m here to share my favorite Oliver + S pattern. I’m a huge fan of anything Liesl designs so to pick a favorite is tough. However, the Lunch Box Tee is definitely a stand out for me. The simple design and ease of construction always keeps me coming back for more. It’s such a great instant gratification project and its yields such professional looking results. One of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made is a lengthened Lunch Box Tee turned dress. The simple design really lets you play with a statement-making textile.

The first Lunch Box Tee I ever made was a simple View B. I used a floral ponte knit and it turned out great. I was amazed with how fast it all came together! The cuff sleeve is a simple cute detail and I really like that they don’t have to be hemmed. I was officially hooked!


Oliver + S Lunch Box Tee


Oliver + S Lunch Box Tee
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swingset skirt sew-along winner

Happy Monday! As promised last week, today is the day the winner of the Swingset Skirt sew-along is announced.

Twenty-eight of you posted photos of your finished Swingset Skirts on Flickr, Instagram, Twitter, and your blogs and then added them to our linky party. Over the weekend the panelists had a look at all of them to determine who would be the winner of the contest. To me, the prize is your skirt! And there have been so many winners in that regard. But there can only be one person taking the grand prize.

Congratulations to Amy, you are the winner of the $100 Oliver + S shopping spree! Happy shopping and happy sewing! She created a tweed skirt with pockets, an oversized bow and embellished near the hemline with some vintage lace.


Oliver + S Swingset Skirt

From our panelists:”I love the contrast lining and the addition of the trim and large bow. It makes it more dressy.”
“The added details of the tie and lace make this one a very cute, but versatile skirt.”


Our panelists also loved several other skirts and we wanted to highlight some of those as well.

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reminder: our big digital pattern sale ends tomorrow night

Thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of this week’s digital pattern sale and have a made a purchase. For those of you last-minute-shopping types, don’t forget: the sale ends tomorrow at midnight Eastern Standard Time.


Save 40% on our digital patterns this week.


This will be your last chance of the year to save 40% on Oliver + S, Liesl + Co., and Straight Stitch Society patterns.

Remember, you must use coupon code 40-DIGI at checkout for the discount to be applied.

weekend links, special sarvi edition

Liesl has been traveling this week, so she hasn’t been able to pull together her usual Friday roundup of links and inspirational images. But don’t despair! We have a special guest contributor for today’s weekending reading post. Here’s our frequent guest Sarvi (you remember her recent posts Photography 101 and Photography 102, don’t you?) with her recommendations for the weekend.

Hello friends! After a seemingly endless heatwave here in Los Angeles, the weather has finally turned and it’s time to start planning for the holidays.

My sister is a vegetarian, and holiday meal traditions that center around turkey or ham can be tough for her. Like most vegetarians I know, she’s very polite and patient about being relegated to eating side dishes, but how excited can you really get about your hundredth plate of steamed zucchini?


Yotam-Ottolenghis-Hasselb-009image source


As I gear up for holiday cooking, I’m looking for veggie-centric recipes that look and taste really tempting. Here are three, from April Bloomfield, Suzanne Goin, and Yotam Ottolenghi, all terrific chefs whose cookbooks I’ve cooked from and can highly recommend.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian recipe for holiday fare?

In between the holidays, though, we’re at one of those sweet spots in the school year. Everything has settled into a comfortable rhythm, and it’s mostly a question of keeping motivation high as things start to become more familiar, particularly with extracurricular activities. My daughter, as a newly minted six year old, is still trying out a lot of different things. We’ve gone through soccer (a bust), tae kwon do (seemed promising but fizzled out), and now we’re on to ballet. I’m always on the lookout for inspiring images to pique her interest, so I follow a lot of young ballet stars on Instagram. It’s really fun to get sneak peeks at their rehearsals, and you begin to get a sense of all the hard work that goes into their seemingly effortless performances. Three of my favorites are the American Ballet Theater’s Ashley Bouder, Marcelo Gomes , and Gillian Murphy. Check her out in this stunning image.


Balletimage source


Do you find your kids go through a lot of activities? How do you balance wanting to let them explore many interests with wanting to nurture an ability to stick with something while their skills are still developing?

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