announcing a huge july sale

We’ll occasionally have a sale on our patterns, but we’ve never done one like this before. For the rest of this week, you’ll save 60% off the retail price of select Oliver + S patterns.

Not every one of our styles is included in the sale, and the discount is limited to paper patterns. But with a selection this large and prices this low, we’re sure you’ll be able to find something you like!


The sale runs through 11:59 PM ET on July 31, 2015. Use coupon code July60 at checkout for your discount to be applied. Follow this link to see which patterns are included in the sale.

ribbon jar giveaway

During the month of July we are spending a bit of time focusing on the free Lazy Days Skirt project. We’ve added a double-thickness hem, made the skirt in three stripes, and had a round-up of different hem details. Now for today let’s go back to the original ribbon hem which calls for 1.5 yards of ribbon in any width greater than 1/4”. There are several different types of ribbons that would work really well for this kind of hem. I recently sewed up five lazy days skirts each using a different type of ribbon from The Ribbon Jar. Julie is the owner of The Ribbon Jar, an online shop where she sells ribbon and trim by the yard. Julie is hosting a generous giveaway, read at the bottom of the post for details.


Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirts with ribbons from The Ribbon Jar


At The Ribbon Jar you will find the finest ribbons and trims from around the world (although most of the ribbons come from France and Japan). There’s something for everyone: silk, satin, velvet, grosgrain, Italian, herringbone, and ric-rac.

If you are looking for a gift to give to one of your crafty friends, try one of their jars of ribbon like this beachcomber jar.


Beachcomber Jar from The Ribbon Jar


If you want to shop for ribbons and trims by the yard, you can shop by color or by type.


Jacquard ribbons from The Ribbon Jar


When choosing ribbons for a Lazy Days Skirt hem, I recommend their grosgrain, herringbone, Jacquard, velvet, and Italian cotton ribbons.

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footprint t-shirt

Audrey is stopping by today with a tutorial on customizing the Field Trip Raglan T-shirt. It is a fun project to do with a special child in your life. Maybe a crafty project to do this summer, perhaps. Now I’ll hand it over to Audrey.


A child's footprint added to the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T-shirt


Hello, this is Audrey from Skirt Fixation! I’m delighted to be back with a tutorial on how to make a really fun Field Trip Raglan T-shirt. Although I have a different favorite Oliver + S pattern, the Field Trip Raglan T-shirt is the Oliver + S pattern I’ve made the most often. I made a fire truck version of the Field Trip Raglan T-shirt which you can see on our blog here. Alright, without further ado, let’s gather supplies.

You will need fabric paint, a paint brush, a tray (I always save those styrofoam meat trays from the grocery store, give them a good rinse, and keep them for paint trays!) a foot, water and a towel, and of course, your Field Trip Raglan T-shirt front pattern piece.


Supplies for footprint t-shirt


Step 1: Put a very generous amount of fabric paint on the tray.

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pinterest picks and weekend links

Hello, friends! This post will be short and sweet because our bags are packed and Todd and I are headed to the airport shortly. But I’ll be checking in next week, and you can always follow our adventures on my personal Instagram account if you want to come along! I won’t tell you where we’re going so it will be a surprise.

Pinterest picks
This darling contemporary take on the shirtdress could easily be made by adding a dropped-waist skirt to the Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic.


july 17 apinterest link


Here is a cute craft idea, especially for a rainy day when everyone is stuck inside.  It might be fun to pick a book and make masks for every character before acting out the story.


july 17 cpinterest link

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how i wear it: shelley’s city stroll wrap skirt

Today we have another visit from Shelley, our regular contributor from Down Under. She is here again with her great sense of humor. Take it away Shelley!

Hello Oliver + S sewers, Shelley here again. I feel a bit of a fraud doing a “how I wear it” post as I don’t really style my outfits, or curate a wardrobe, or follow trends. I just get dressed most days. (The other days either involve a work uniform or don’t bear mentioning!) Well, I made myself the new Liesl + Co. City Stroll Wrap Skirt and wore it to the ballet with the kids the very next day. I loved wearing it and here’s how it looked:


Liesl + Co. City Stroll Wrap Skirt and Maritime Knit Top


I was really happy with how the skirt worked as a practical everyday skirt. As much as I like the occasional flimsy, hard-to-walk-in frock, my day-to-day clothes need to work to suit my lifestyle. I commute by bicycle, I stand, walk and sometimes run, I sit down when I get the chance, and I play. In short, I do stuff, and I need my skirt to stick with me throughout the day’s activities.

Liesl assured us all that the skirt keeps you modestly covered and doesn’t flip about all over the place. Now that I’ve given my skirt a pretty thorough road test, I can say that she’s right (of course)! It’s the middle of winter here in Australia, so I’ve been wearing my plaid skirt with tights and boots, but I thought no-one will believe that I’m comfortable with my skirt coverage if I’m wearing tights….

So, I made another one and I pretended it was summer – on the day of these photographs that was exceedingly difficult! Brrrr!!

If your typical day includes stopping by a café for a coffee, riding your bike or kneeling down to look at a prizewinning duck then the City Stroll Wrap Skirt is the skirt for you. Just don’t sit cross legged to play LEGO!


Liesl + Co. City Stroll Wrap Skirt


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my favorite oliver + s pattern: heidi from with love, heidi

Let me introduce you to Heidi who lives in Australia. She is a huge Oliver + S fan. She usually doesn’t sew a pattern only once, but multiple times. She has got a lot to share with us today, so I’ll hand it over to her. Thanks so much for being here Heidi!


Oliver + S Field Trip Cargo Pants


The very first Oliver + S pattern I sewed was the Popover Sundress. I was looking for a boy’s vest pattern with multiple pockets and I found the Explorer Vest in the Little Things to Sew book. I was reticent to buy a whole book for one pattern as I have a few sewing books I have never sewn from. However Oliver + S had a free pattern, the Popover sundress, so I printed it out and made one to check out the company’s pattern drafting and instructions. I made three girls and two dolls dresses and ordered the book! The rest is history.


Oliver + S Popover Sundress and doll dress


Oliver + S Popover Sundress and doll dress


Oliver + S Popover Sundress


I have now made fourteen of those Explorer Vests, but it’s not my favorite pattern.

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