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Bonjour, friends!

Well, what a lovely surprise some of you gave me for my birthday yesterday! It all started with a card from Todd and S featuring this photo that Shelley (aka Lightning McStitch), created using this photo I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago.


This was immediately followed by Shelley’s Instagram photo.


All of this ostensibly happened while I was in Paris last week. I mean, what an exciting time they had while I was away!

But the best part was when other people started posting their photos to Instagram, all of them with a #flashyouroandsstash hashtag. Oh my goodness! What a thrill to see how many of you collect our patterns, and I nearly cried at all the lovely things you had to say. I am so grateful to you for such kind words! Thank you for making it a truly special day. And thank you to Rachel for organizing the hashtag flash-your-stash idea without telling me. Sneaky girl!

Oh, it was so nice to get back to Paris again last week. It’s truly one of my favorite cities, and I desperately needed some time to decompress after all the change and stress of the past six months. Between moving to a new country, learning a new language, writing a book that’s been a much larger project than I anticipated (I tend to jump into these big projects with such pastoral ideals; it’s a good thing Todd is there to give me a reality check sometimes), and generally adjusting to a different culture, making new friends, finding my way around, and missing my family and friends, it was time for me to get a little distance and a chance to breathe. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and a bit down lately. I had half a day to myself to just wander and think, and then my friend Daniela joined me and we hit the streets to explore! It was her first visit to Paris, so we had a lot of ground to cover. We went to the L’Aiguilles en Fete show the first day, poked around the fabric stores at Place Saint-Pierre and explored Montmartre the next day, and spent the rest of our trip wandering Le Marais, the 2nd arrondisement (where we stayed) and a great deal of Paris. We walked so much! I keep a Google map of Paris that I use when I travel, and I update it each time I go. You’re more than welcome to use it as well!

Now that I’m back, we’re preparing for our next two book photo shoots and I’m starting to think and plan for my next pattern collection as well as other goals for the year. Lots of ideas! I hope we’ll have enough time to get it all done. But, in the meantime, here are some diversions for the weekend.

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gallery tunic + dress sew-along panelist: sara from radiant home studio

Have you finalized your preparations for the Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along yet? Join along with your friends starting Monday. So far we have heard from four panelists: Carmen, Kristi, Lori, and Rachel. We have now come to our fifth and final panelist, Sara. Last year she stopped by with her fantastic sashiko embroidery tutorial. She’s back and here she is!

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelist

Sara: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Pattern Shop

Hi! I’m Sara, and I blog at Radiant Home Studio. I have 6 children ages two through ten. When I’m not homeschooling the kids, I spend my time sewing and designing. I enjoy sewing clothing for myself and the children, making bags and home decor items, and experimenting with artistic embellishments such as screen printing and embroidery.

I’m using a floral voile print from by Maureen Cracknell for Art Gallery fabrics. I debated between making a pretty floral print top and plain linen one. Though I’d still love to make one with linen, this beautiful floral print was calling to me. I’ll be making View A, the tunic length top, with the full collar. I think this will be a great transition piece for my spring wardrobe. The fabric is lightweight and cool enough for warm weather, but the colors are more seasonally neutral and the top will layer well.

The fabric has a little bit of a bohemian feel, so I’d like to incorporate some small embellishments to complement the style. I plan to include some lace accents and possibly some embroidery. My inspiration for embellishments tends to come as I’m in the middle of a projects, so I’ll make final decisions about these as I’m sewing.

I’m excited to be a included as one of the panelists and I look forward to seeing what you all make with your Gallery Tunic + Dress pattern!

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gallery tunic + dress sew-along panelist: rachel from house of pinheiro

Just a friendly reminder that our Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along will be all next week. You can purchase your Gallery sewing pattern in paper or digitally, whichever you prefer.

Today I’m delighted to bring you your sewing gal-pal Rachel. She is also joining our talented panel. Rachel hosts these really fun daily photo challenges for sewists called #sewphotohop on Instagram. She’s hosted them in August and December. Look out for one in the future, play along, and meet others who share your passion. What has Rachel got in store for her Gallery garment? Read on to find out.

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelist

Inspirational image source

Rachel: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest

A little bit about me: Brazilian born, tea drinker, sewing fanatic, colour lover…. oh who else finds it hard to describe themselves?

I will let my projects talk about me…. You will find me at ‘House of Pinheiro’ where I share insights of my creative journey, seasoned with a few glimpses of my personal life. I consider myself a sewing fanatic and having the opportunity to travel the UK (and abroad) to meet other ‘sewing people’ with the same passion and interests is one of my favourite perks of our hobby. I have a fabric stash that has outgrown my life expectancy and no willpower to stop adding to it.

I’m really excited to be a panelist for the Gallery Tunic sew-along and be sewing along yourselves. Today I’m about to reveal my sewing plan. I adore shirt-dresses and how easy and comfortable they are to wear. So…. One decision down: I’m making the gallery tunic view B.

One thing about being an hourglass shape and very tall is that I need some bust-waist-hip definition to make the most of my figure. I will be adding either a fabric belt or elastic casing to achieve that. Since I like my clothes not to be too relaxed at the shoulders I will make sure to sew a test garment as I have the impression I will need an FBA to get the fit I love. You cannot imagine how excited I was when I saw that an FBA instructions were included on the patterns. YEAH!

I’m currently exploring new hemlines and loving the ladylike just over the knees, but to keep it young I will add a side slip at both sides.

I got the perfect representation image of my plans. Now do I dig my bulging fabric stash or should I naughty go looking for something in plaid? Big Decisions….. I think this look will take my winter wardrobe nicely into spring.

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gallery tunic + dress sew-along panelist: lori from girls in the garden

Are you enjoying seeing all of these previews so far? For the past two days we’ve heard from two of our Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelists, and now it’s time for the third. That would be Lori, whose impeccable sewing has been featured on the blog in the past here. The sew-along begins next Monday, and if you haven’t picked up a copy of the pattern for yourself so you can join us, don’t delay! Let’s see what Lori has prepared for the sew along.

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelist

Lori: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest

Hello and welcome to the Gallery Tunic + Dress Sew-along!

I am Lori from Missouri, where I have lived all my life. I have been sewing since 7th grade home economics; just gave away my age with that bit of information. In that class, we made the required apron and I was hooked. My mom was such a patient teacher for me and she always did all my unsewing!

I am a Mood Sewing Network Blogger and IndieSew Blogger Team Member. I am so honored to be part of these groups.

For my Gallery pattern, I am planning the tunic with long sleeves, cuffs and collar. I am using a Donna Karen Rayon from Mood Fabrics and buttons from my stash. My plans include finding a floral that works nicely with the rayon and using the floral for the cuff facing.

Happy sewing.

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gallery tunic + dress sew-along panelist: kristi from sweetkm

Don’t forget our Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along takes place February 15th-19th! Haven’t gotten your Gallery Tunic + Dress pattern yet? No worries, it’s just a click away in paper or in digital format.

Kristi is joining our talented panel. In the past, she stopped by with her tutorials on lengthening the Sunny Day Shorts pattern and adding a thumbhole sleeve, and now she is sharing her plans for the Gallery sew-along. Take it away Kristi!

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelist

Kristi: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest

Hi, I’m Kristi. I knit and sew for my family, and am building my own handmade wardrobe one garment at a time. You can find my finished work, and a link to my knitting patterns at SweetKM. If you’d rather see work in progress, and boneheaded mistakes check out my Instagram or Facebook.

I’m excited to sew the Gallery Tunic along with the Liesl + Co. community. I gave the Gallery Tunic pattern as a gift last Christmas, and have been meaning to make one for myself ever since. I’m happy to have a reason to bump it to the top of my sewing queue.

My fabric selection for this project is based on colors I wear a lot: blue and gray. I’m using cotton lawn from Liesl’s Woodland Clearing Collection for my Gallery Tunic. I think the wispy brush strokes of the print, and the lightness of the fabric are perfect for the relaxed fit of the tunic. The pale blue, subtly textured cotton on top will add a little interest to the placket on the inside. I’m planning to make the tunic version of the pattern with long sleeves and a collar. I might shorten the front length by a couple of inches, and lower the front opening a bit. Otherwise, I’ll make the pattern as specified.

This top will work perfectly with my daily uniform of jeans and cardigan. As you can see from the conspicuously placed hank of yarn, I have a cardigan on the needles that just so happens to work with this color scheme.

Well, those are some big plans! Time to get sewing.

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gallery tunic + dress sew-along panelist: carmen from carmencitab

We have a fun “meet the panel” week planned for you here on the blog. All week long we will be featuring our five Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelists. They’re going to be sharing the materials they’ve selected and talking about their plans for their garments. I think you’re going to like seeing the fabrics these sewing gal-pals have selected for their Gallery Tunics or Dresses. We’re kicking it off today with Carmen who was the winner of the first season of Cousu Main. What has she been plotting for the sew along? Have a look and see.

Liesl + Co. Gallery Tunic + Dress sew-along panelist

Carmen: Blog, Instagram, Pinterest

Hello! Such good company and talented seamstresses!

I’m Carmen Bouchard, I’m 53. I’m a Canadian expat living in Brittany, France. I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember. In 2014, I won the Great French Sewing Bee Season 1. I have been sewing more since. I have also been teaching more and I am a spokesperson for Fiskars and Janome here in France.

My little dream project to promote is Les Petites Mains Nomades which is a 3 day sewing retreat at La Manufacture Bohin. It’ll be a first in France and I hope there will be many more.

I still have no idea what I’m going to make with my Gallery pattern, but I am veering towards the tunic with a 3 quarter sleeve and a collar but then I look at the matching buttons and will have to find a way to use them too… The fabric is a really nice drapey polyester I got at Anna K Bazar and it’s going to be the perfect Spring project.

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