cinema/hide-and-seek dress sew-along, day 2

Welcome to day two of the Cinema/Hide-and-Seek Dress Sew-Along.

Whether you are sewing up a Cinema Dress or a Hide-and-Seek Dress, in this sew-along we will be sewing it by the pattern. Liesl’s patterns have been called sewing lessons in an envelope. If there is a sewing skill that you haven’t developed yet, there’s no need to worry. The instructions will walk you through it step by step.

Cinema/Hide-and-Seek Dress Sew-Along

Today we will be sewing the pocket welts and the yoke. So let’s begin, shall we?

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cinema/hide-and-seek dress sew-along bonus: front buttons

Several of you asked for help with moving the Cinema Dress (or Hide-and-Seek Dress) buttons from the back to the front. This is a really quick and easy change that’s best explained with one photograph.




As you can see, you’ll trim 1″ from the center-back edge of the back yoke, and you’ll add 1″ to the center-front edge of the front yoke. The back yoke will now be “cut 2 of fold” and the front yoke will be “cut 4″ with the grain line parallel to the original center-front fold line. Add a notch at the original center-front fold line to help match up the two front yokes when you overlap them to create the placket, and you’re ready!

Note that this change eliminates the V cut-out at the front neck, and you’ll need to determine the proper spacing for your buttons. But you can still use the button and buttonhole template to help with positioning the buttons and buttonholes the proper distance from the front edge.

I hope this helps!

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cinema/hide-and-seek dress sew-along, day 1

Are you ready for the Cinema Dress/Hide-and-Seek Dress sew-along? Let’s get started!

Cinema/Hide-and-Seek Dress Sew-Along

For those of you sewing the Hide-and-Seek Dress, you’ll get going tomorrow. Today I want to talk a little bit about adjusting the Cinema Dress pattern for a larger or smaller bust. I thought it would be helpful to give you a few pointers and show you some of the steps.

  1. I always like to get started by drawing in the 1/2″ seam lines on my pattern. You’ll especially need these seam lines at the armhole, side seam, and front edge of the Side Front pattern piece. Here is a quick video to show you how I use our 6″ ruler to quickly draw in the seam lines.
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mood fabric suggestions

I promised you a little help with fabric choices for the new Liesl + Co patterns, so here we go!

If you don’t live near a good apparel fabric store, I know it can be frustrating to find good fabrics. That’s one of the reasons I like Mood Fabrics. They have a wide selection of good quality fabrics available for purchase on-line. And quite honestly, it can be overwhelming to walk into the physical Mood store here in New York. I’ve seen plenty of first-time visitors completely freeze up with all the options. So it’s also nice that the selection on the website is smaller and more curated than the store itself. I sometimes shop on their website just to save myself a trip, and you can order swatches beforehand, which helps a lot if you’re not sure about a fabric.

So here are some of my fabric suggestions for each of the patterns. For each of these boards, click on the image itself to be taken to that swatch board at the Mood website. Once you’re there you can put a check in the box next to “Show Product Info” to view the details and purchase the fabrics or swatches.

Let’s start with the Cinema Dress, since we have the sew-along starting on Monday. Wouldn’t it be fun to use that dobby check as the yoke, with a solid black for the rest of the dress?  I picked a variety of fabrics so you can sew for any season: wool, flannel, corduroy, and linen. You’ll see that one of my choices is a denim-look linen because I think this dress would look amazing in denim or chambray.


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color palette: storybook

Kids Clothes Week is coming up very soon, October 20-26 to be precise. You know all about Kids Clothes Week, right? The creator, Meg, stopped by for a visit a few months ago to tell us how the KCW sewing community came to be and if you would like to read that post, head this way.

The optional theme this season is “storybook”. I turned to “The Little Prince” for inspiration to create this color palette. From the famous illustration on the cover of the book I picked several colors; mint green, gray, mustard yellow, and cream and found fabrics to support the inspiration.

Storybook color palette

Image: “The Little Prince” book cover
Fabrics: gold glitter dots tulle, gray double gauze, mustard floral knit, triangles, mint green, bees

Will you be sewing along for Kids Clothes Week?

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announcing the school days jacket sew-along

Who’s up for a School Days Jacket sew-along? I hope you will join us in a few weeks when we will be hosting one. We have four talented ladies who will be helping out. Janice, Deb, Sharon, and Amanda are each going to take a day of the sew-along. With this sew-along there’s something for everyone as there are quite a few options. Sew a raincoat or a winter jacket. Sew for a boy or a girl. Sew one in sizes 6M-8.


The Oliver + S School Days Jacket Sew-Along


Jacket description:
Girl’s or boy’s jacket or coat. Hooded jacket or coat includes full lining, patch pockets, snap or Velcro closure, and two choices of duffle closure details. Optional removable quilted lining can be made with or without sleeves for additional warmth, and features buttons and elastic loops for attaching the lining to the jacket, as well as bias binding at the edges.

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