tidal lace (and a giveaway!)

Today we welcome Kim Andersson who is going to tell us a bit about her first fabric collection Tidal Lace. Be sure to follow the Tidal Lace Blog Hop that they are doing in September starting at Windham Fabrics. Please note that the fabrics will not be out in the shops until January 2015. Kim is even hosting a generous give-away of her fabrics! Read on for details. Here’s Kim.

I’m very excited to introduce you to my first fabric collection for Windham Fabrics, TIDAL LACE! I also can’t wait to show you the gorgeous clothes that we made for the look book using Oliver + S patterns.


Tidal Lace fabric collection by Kim Andersson
Credit: Tidal Lace Fat Quarters.


With thoughts of Summer’s past and present the inspiration for the TIDAL LACE collection comes from two very different experiences in my life.

The first experience comes from my Grandmother’s ballet shop, where as a child I would play with the many lengths of trim and lace for hours and hours, immersed in their pattern and detail.

The second inspiration, to use tide pools in my collection, came from a family trip that we took to a lovely coastal town. Waking up early for the low tide and still quite sleepy, we were greeted by the wonder of the tide pools. We spent a wonderful morning with friends and family looking from pool to pool to see what we could spy–0ne person pointing out what another might have otherwise missed.

TIDAL LACE, is my imagining of lace and the tide pools woven together, full of fascinating details and bursting with color and life.


Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress and Pinwheel Slipdress
Credits: Girl on left wears Roller Skate Dress, Girl on right wears Pinwheel Slip Dress. Sewn by Danielle Collins. Photo by Danielle Collins.

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five tips for bras: the foundation for a good fit

Hello, friends! I’m writing to you from Barcelona, where we’re spending the month of August. We really look forward to exploring new places, seeing all the sites, trying new foods, and having new experiences. We haven’t been back to Barcelona since S was a baby, and it’s really interesting to see the city from a different perspective now that she’s a little older. Last time we were here it was difficult to take her to the beach because she tried to eat the sand (she was nine months old); now she just loves the beach. If you’d like to follow along with our adventures we’re posting lots of photos to Instagram (on both my personal account and on the Oliver + S account), so please come with us!




In between adventures, I’m finishing up all the fall patterns we’ll be releasing soon. And we’re conducting two photo shoots this month, so it’s still busy, busy!

But in the meantime, let’s talk about bras, shall we?

I know. We all love to shop for underpinnings. I loathed and dreaded it until two years ago when I forced myself to walk into my local lingerie boutique and was fitted for a bra by a real expert. It was a life-changing experience! I’m not talking about Victoria’s Secret here–I mean a really good fitting where after your measurements are taken a specialist works with you to find the right bras for your shape, lifestyle, and preferences. I learned so much about how a bra should fit, how to adjust the straps, where the band should sit, and even how to put it on when I get dressed.

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starting out with oliver + s: girl patterns

Are you learning how to sew with a sewing machine or know someone who is? This is the first of a three part series which is meant to offer a bit of advice to someone who is starting out sewing as to what Oliver + S patterns would be a good place to begin. This list of suggestions could be for an adult, a teen, a tween, or even a child. These are some ideas of clothing items to sew for someone else or for a young female to sew for herself.

In this series the focus will be on the one scissor level projects which are considered beginner. What is beginner you may ask?

Beginner is defined as the following: Suitable for someone who has either taken a first sewing class or has learned to sew from a book or video. Assumes familiarity with a sewing machine; understanding of how to sew a seam, thread the machine, etc.; and successful completion of a few small projects.

Let’s begin this series with girl patterns, shall we? These are not necessarily in a strict order. Keep in mind that it depends on who is sewing and who they’re sewing for.


Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt


1) Lazy Days Skirt
A sweet elastic-waist skirt, this is a simple first skirt project that a teen, tween or girl could sew for herself. Look at the one S recently sewed for herself!


S in Lazy Days Skirt sewn by herself
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little things to sew: cover to cover challenge

Shelley from Bartacks and Singletrack is here visiting again. You remember Shelley, right? She has told us about her favorite pattern. She also shared her Evel Knievel costume and disco pants. Today Shelley is talking about the Little Things to Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge that she is running over on her blog.

If there’s one thing I can rightly be accused of, it’s getting carried away with an idea. Late last year I was making a puppet theatre for a gift using the pattern from Little Things to Sew, when it occurred to me that I had made almost half the projects in the book.

Whilst using at least half the patterns in any sewing book would count as great value (come on, don’t we all have completely untouched sewing books on the shelf) I decided that I was going to go all the way with this book. I made a button picture for my Flickr account put the idea out there on the forum and suddenly we had a sponsor and a group of sewers who were keen to play along.


Oliver + S Little Things to Sew cover to cover challenge button


Entry to the sew-along was simply by joining the Flickr pool and posting photos. Each unique pattern used from the book would count as one entry in our competition. Counting the Juggling Balls and the Drawstring Bag as two separate projects there are 21 projects in the book, and as the photos flooded into the Flickr group it was clear I was going to get flogged in my own race.

Sharon (aka mama_knowles03) was our first finisher.


Oliver + S Little Things to Sew projects

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customizing with oliver + s: ice cream dress

Today we are happy to welcome Michelle from Falafel and the Bee who is going to share one way of customizing the Ice Cream Dress. She shows with a few changes how to make the dress completely lined.


Customized Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress


I love the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress, but have always wanted to make one completely lined. The biggest challenge with that was the added bulk under the armpit where the yoke connects with the gathered skirt. With just a few very simple changes, I managed to keep the one piece yoke, remove the bulk, and line the entire dress!

You start with tracing the size you need of the yoke piece. I traced a size 6.

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